MGTOW Asteroids

Just like #gamergate, there was once an video game craze which provided countless hours of entertainment (and time well wasted) to aspiring young Astrophysicists everywhere – for just 25¢. And now, we invite you to practice the patriarchy and play MGTOW Assteroids all day for FREE! Tweet your high score if you get that far, far and away… and enjoy!

Dedicated to Dr. Matt Taylor and his momentous contribution to humanity.

On 13.11.2014, MAN-kind achieved something amazing. Just like we created the above video game which deliberately includes no female characters because that’s sexist misogyny… A MAN successfully landed a space probe on a comet millions of miles away from Earth. And then, in an event equally as tragic as when NASA put a female in space, modern day feminists aborted the fun for everyone.

After scoring 11987253875147645365432654391827639876 man points on the greatest video game ever played, brilliant Astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor (of the European Space Agency) was wearing the most fantastic shirt covered in sexy illustrations of hot chicks. Not even depicting actual photos of women, but merely sketches of pin-ups, this caused a t~~~ from The Atlantic to spontaneously combust and blow a gasket. You may have heard of a “kniption”, but you don’t often get a chance to see one that looks like kind of bitch who can’t park her car on the first try. If you look closely enough, her face is actually mashed up like a tire against the curb – as seen through Coke-bottle glasses.

What should have been the happiest day of this man’s life for doing something no human being has ever done in the history of our entire species…. has now turned into a tearful apology because of some ridiculous c~~~ over his choice of shirt. Painful to watch in the extreme, Feminists look for any occasion to collect and stack up apologies like empty pie plates at a N.O.W convention.

Never, never, ever apologize to women.

… especially after you just remote-piloted a spacecraft to land on a comet in outer f~~~ing space.

Extending females any courtesy they will never extend to you (just to be “the better man”) is a mistake of such gigantic proportions it will ruin your life and make wretched your destiny. Women are the sex that marches down the street by the tens of thousands in “slutwalks”. They dress up like vaginas at Republican events, beg congress to pay for their birth control, wear tampons for earrings when delivering the news, wear “misandry” around their necks like Olympic gold, and compare voting for Obama to losing their virginity. You’re dealing with some of the most infantile humans ever to roam the Earth and you will not apologize to them for anything. All of this has held women back more than any mythical glass ceiling.

The REAL reason she is p~~~ed is not even the shirt, boys. It’s because he didn’t validate her belief that rocket scientists must all be awkward-looking geeks. This is an enormous tragedy for women when they are forced to accept men are smarter, better and infinitely cooler.

Remember, these bitches are all convinced men are stupid. They will even endorse the T-shirt! “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”. They believe this since grade school, happily buy it, and give it as cute little gifts to children (like their own bastard spawn) and ship them off to kindergarten….

Then they get a little older and finally figure out boys are a million times smarter. They flip out. They can’t handle it. When you show up on TV looking like you just stepped of your Harley to split the atom DURING sex with a different chick every day of the week…. you just shattered all her illusions. Her entire belief structure caves in. Imagine being a feminist and waking up one day to learn everything you believed is built on a foundation of lies.

This is devastating to them, man. It’s GAME OVER. Miss Pac Man has to reach into her own purse and pay for her own cat food for the rest of her life now. She couldn’t get (or keep) a man like this in a million lightyears!

Male children usually find out there is no Santa by 6-7 years of age. We actually think it’s kind of cool, because the 5 year olds are not as mature. Even a 7 year old boy feels a little more grown up when he knows Santa is for little kids. But feminists stop maturing when they start menstruating. And now, the women who pretend to be “educated” have to be told by CNN the boys she threw rocks at are now throwing rocks around the galaxy FOR REALZ!

Why do you think the Daily Mail published defaming comments his own sister made? Only in a woman’s deluded mind will she conjure up ANY other beliefs before even admitting a man somewhere is totally awesome. It is the only way feminists can live with themselves.

This man has now earned “invicible” status among the big players on the planet, and 10 years of his labor has earned it. He will not be defeated by some twitter bitch in s~~~ty glasses who’s only accomplishment was getting “offended”, holding her hands out, demanding respect, and creating a hashtag.

We’re really very sorry you were subjected to this s~~~, Dr. Taylor. And to show our appreciation, we have dedicated the above video game to you, for boldly going where no man has ever gone before. When an extinction-level asteroid is headed for Earth (and only Men are capable of saving the planet from such a catastrophe), we hope you proudly march into work wearing that Mantastic shirt. When you successfully blow that rock to bits, you may adjust the trajectory of one of the smaller chunks to land directly on the buffet table at N.O.W headquarters. Based on that possibility alone (and instead of having another piece of delicious pie), feminists should be dropping to their knees in front of you with mouths a gape in admiration, else one day…. they could go the way of the dinosaurs.

It can’t happen soon enough.

Dr. Taylor. Sir. If you are reading this, we have created “invincible” status just for you in our video game. You will never die. You will live on as one of the greatest human beings ever to walk the face of the Earth. And any feminist who challenges that is only setting herself up for her own Challenger explosion which will crash and burn in the shadow of your greatness. Feminists have never even made it out of the atmosphere and have failed to compete with men on every level since the beginning of time.

We are only a few men in the Universe.
But you have our fondest respect and admiration.

To infinity, and beyond.