The 3 Million Dollar Bitch

by Tom Leykis

An education for men on why man must never sign a marriage contract under any circumstances. Exhibit A is backed up by female testimony and illustrates that is completely futile (and totally unnecessary) to provide anything to the modern female in hopes to earn her affection and devotion. She even admits that informing other men of this is “doing them a great service” while being grateful that the men in her social circle do not listen to this advice.

The expression “you don’t pay a whore to f–k you, you pay her to LEAVE” is illustrated perfectly here.

The woman (“Terry”) in this example maintains “everybody is a whore” and that male/female interactions (including marriage) are all transactions which can be broken down to prostitution. She is positively GIDDY and giggles about financially raping her husband to the tune of 3 million + property in divorce – which she believes she is entitled to…. while giving her affection to “his good friend” for no commitment or investment whatsoever. She even attempts to JUSTIFY this behavior as acceptable and declares she is proud of herself as if her behavior is some sort of accomplishment.

After exposing herself and the motivations of too many women, she hangs up when Tom Leykis beautifully articulates that a Man would be more rewarded to be THE OTHER GUY than the sucker who pays her $3 million to go away and get lost. MANCLUSION: It is totally unacceptable to pay and reward women for being bad wives and mothers. When women accept big rewards and payouts for being terrible spouses, there is something very sick and wrong with the current social and legal climate.

…. but this bitch sees nothing wrong with it at all. And she is not alone ».