How to Treat Women

by Tom Leykis

Tom Leykis offers a solution to the epidemic of western women who pass over men who treat them well in favor of “jerks” who mistreat them.

“Give her what she wants!
Give her what she prefers.
Give her what she thinks she deserves: to be treated like CRAP.
… and she will LOVE you for it.”

While Men Going Their Own Way don’t bend to appease women no matter what turns them on…it’s certainly an interesting perspective. Some men will study and care “what women want” irrespective of what they say, but MGTOW will do nothing of the sort. Women who prefer to be mistreated are their own enemies, and it’s a highly toxic basis for a relationship. Whether or not a woman prefers to be mistreated is irrelevant. MGTOW simply give her the man she deserves.