Foxhole Father – The Field Guide for Fathers

- by Christopher R. Whalen

All Dads, single, divorced or married, will benefit from arming themselves with Foxhole Father.

Foxhole Father is a call to arms for fathers everywhere. This book offers practical and valuable advice to men navigating the role of parent, with wisdom, insight and razor sharp clarity.

Chris exposes the courage and commitment engaged fathering requires, how the marginalization of men has hurt children, and teaches men that they do not have to feminize themselves to be effective parents.

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  • The definition of the word masculine has been twisted and bastardized by the media and other groups in recent decades. Masculinity and masculine men are demonized. Foxhole Father re-educates the public of the true definition of masculinity, and why children, and greater society, need masculine men's influence more than ever.

    Men, you don't need to change your natural (masculine) way of processing information and emotions to be an excellent parent. Your innate masculine sensibilities are all you need. There is never a need to feminize yourself. Foxhole Father teaches men how to apply this to specific parenting situations.

    The Foxhole Father Mission:

    To raise your children to become fully functioning, self-aware, self-respecting, self-sufficient and independent adults.

    A Foxhole Father parents under these basic philosophies:

    • To be the masculine, non-judgmental sanctuary for his children

    • To filter all thoughts and actions through the question, "What is best for my children?"

    Masculine traits are needed today more than ever. Your children need exposure to your masculine traits and thought processes as much as they need exposure to their feminine counterparts.

    Foxhole Father - The Field Guide for FathersChristopher R. Whalen