Escaping the Plantation
by Steve Walker

We all have free will, and are answerable for our actions, but when our most important life decisions are based on childhood brainwashing, abuse, mis-information, and societal pressures, we are destined to make some poor decisions. Should we be forced to suffer for these poor decisions our entire life, or do we have the right to escape from those bad decisions, even if it causes distress for others. The author says yes, we do.

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  • We have a right to change the course of our lives such that we free ourselves to pursue the correct path that leads us to happiness and fulfillment. This is the theme of Escaping the Plantation.

    The plantation in this case being the marriage, corporation, government or religious group that demands we slave for them with little or no reward, and seeks to punish us if we refuse.

    Only by removing ourselves from the plantation can we ever hope to be truly free. And so that is what we must do. Escape. That is the theme of the five short stores contained herein.

    The first and last are true and are based on the authors personal experience. The other three are mostly fictional but are representative of the predicaments many of us find ourselves in. I'm sure you will enjoy all five and benefit from them. - Steve Walker

    Escaping the PlantationSteve Walker

  • Poor-Sucker Syndrome is the single leading cause of damage to Mankind’s happiness: that is, a man becomes obsessed with a woman and is taken advantage of financially in a misguided pursuit of affection and affirmation—more precisely: leeched.

    Various forms of the syndrome have been around since the beginning of civilization. It is so ingrained in us that a guy losing all his money to impress a girl is nothing new. And rarely do we frown upon the girl that is taking advantage of the man. Some people even look with envy on girls who can draw men in and get them to spend all their money on them.

    Like any addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, if given the right circumstances, all men are susceptible, though admittedly, some are considerably more pre-disposed than others. The same goes for the Poor-Sucker Syndrome. (I am myself a poor sucker in remission and constantly aware of the risks of relapse.)

    Men contracting Poor-Sucker Syndrome are not necessarily losers, unattractive, or reckless from the outset. These are the typical effects that come as a result of contracting this disease. In fact, it is rather the opposite that the syndrome afflicts men that are overall successful. The prime marker that attracts leeches is for a man to be successful. However, times have radically changed, and almost any man is a high-risk target to be preyed upon by a leech. The reason is spelled EASY CREDIT.

    Poor Sucker SyndromeMitch Vandell


Poor Sucker Syndrome
by Mitch Vandell

Written with warmth, wit, and sharp observations of how men get taken advantage of, this book gives men the tools to either avoid such relationships in the future or extricate themselves from their current situation. Using humorous case studies with theories incorporating psychology, social anthropology, and economic theory, the widely familiar yet rarely recognized social affliction called 'Poor-Sucker Syndrome’ is broken down and explained. The book sheds light on the emotional deceit of gold diggers and how men so haplessly fall for their calculated charms.

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Bad Day at Bikini Beach
by Steve Walker

The Americans said it would only last for a little while. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, then they could all go back to their paradise. Instead, they gouged the heart and spirit out of Bikini Atoll.

From a loyal sponsor - and coincidentally MGTOW of the Day on our homepage - this is Steve's second book featured here. Look inside for a synopsis.

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  • The Americans said it would only last for a little while. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, then they could all go back to their paradise. Instead, they gouged the heart and spirit out of Bikini Atoll. How long does it take to mend a broken heart? Or a broken spirit? How long does it take to mend a broken island? It has been over sixty years, and the people of Bikini Island still ask these questions.

    For many, the questions remain unanswered. Leilani Frangipani can tell you. Father Vincent and Sister Veronica, the star crossed lovers, will never know. American Admiral Hobson Bushwhacker and Marine General Hunter Boguard might know, but they are not talking. High Chief Rahiti would not live long enough to find out.

    Dr. Alvin C. Graves, the Scientific Director of Operation Crossroads, was the genie who released Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb from its cylindrical bottle, knowing full well that it would spread its deadly tentacles of Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 throughout the Pacific. Like radioactive fallout, Castle Bravo also scattered the natives of Bikini Atoll throughout the Pacific where they have wandered aimlessly in search of a new home for many decades.

    They were the vital island fauna uprooted by the cruel fates, and scattered upon foreign soils where they were unable to thrive. So they survived as best they could, and still dream of returning to their lost paradise. Someday.

    Bad Day at Bikini BeachSteve Walker

  • When did the American dream become a nightmare? For me it began shortly after I was born. For the next 21 years, I was dragged across the barnacled underbelly of the American Dream until my mind was shredded. Worked over by mentally ill parents in their personal insane asylum......

    ...dragged from pillar to post by the Catholic Church, worked almost to death in sweat shops, and finally beaten and brainwashed into a merciless killing machine by the US Marine Corps. I was then condemned to serve a year in the Killing Fields of Viet Nam, somehow managed to survive....

    ....and they shipped back what was left of me to California and cut me loose with nary a fare-thee-well. The only thing I had going for me back in California was that I had nowhere to go but up. So I started digging myself out of the grave they dug for me. I clawed and scratched my way to the surface. Then I went to work.

    Traveling has been good for me. I found the Holy Grail in Vietnam, the Promised Land in Taiwan, and the spawn of Aphrodite in Russia. I discovered the Land of the Lotus Eaters in Amsterdam and modern day Babylon in Bangkok. The flesh pots of Latin America graciously yielded their treasures to me. Their message was clear, “I am here for you, Steve, whenever you need me.”

    The Wicker Man ChroniclesSteve Walker


The Wicker Man Chronicles
by Steve Walker

All good writing comes from a courageous heart. Fear is the tremulous editor that slashes the heart and soul out of a good story. I had to conquer my fears before I could be true to my story. Please check your scruples and fantasies at the door. I am going to inject you with a massive dose of truth serum. If you experience a palpitating of the heart or an anxiety attack, it means the serum is working. You are entering the Reality Zone. Seriously though, a writer’s job is to tell the truth, no matter how upsetting it may be. I can take any criticism except boring. Compelling writing must take the reader on a roller coaster ride through heaven and hell. I want this to be that roller coaster ride. More importantly, I want it to be true. I have one advantage over most writers. I have conquered my fears. No matter how upsetting, I am going to tell the unvarnished truth. I no longer fear human or divine retribution. Do not worry. If anyone is to be smitten for my blasphemous ravings, it will be me. If this memoir helps one person to lead a better life, it was worth the effort.

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The Manipulated Man
by Esther Vilar

Men might love her. But women will HATE her.

Absolutely essential reading for every Man. If you've ever had a question mark floating over your head wondering what makes women tick, "The Manipulated Man" lays it out for you, and slaps you good and hard with undeniable insights you would rather not know. Surprisingly short enough to be devoured in one evening, this Red Pill is tough to swallow, fellows and gents, so have a tall glass of water handy. You will choke on it. Written decades ago, it transcends time as she frankly exposes the core modus operandi of the human female as she's always been, and always will be.... while reminding you of your proper place as no more than her personal utility and mindless worker drone. Never be that guy. To Esther Vilar, we are forever in your debt.

*Special interactive reading version coming right here soon.

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  • What a great advantage a man can have over women, if he only knew what cold and calculating thoughts are going through her mind…. while her eyes are brimming with tears.

    By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given moments. The minute a woman has made this decision she ceases to develop her mind.

    She may, of course, go on to obtain various degrees and diplomas. These increase her market value in the eyes of men, for men believe that a woman who can recite things by heart must also know and understand them. But any real possibility of communication between the sexes ceases at this point. Their paths are divided forever.

    Why do women not make use of their intellectual potential? For the simple reason that they do not need to. It is not essential for their survival. Theoretically it is possible for a beautiful woman to have less intelligence than a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society.

    The Manipulated ManEsther Vilar

  • The trial of Mike Tyson made us increasingly aware of men-as-rapists. The firefighters' deaths did not make us increasingly aware of men-as-saviors. We were more aware of one man doing harm...... than of two men saving.

    Every day, almost as many men are killed at work as were killed during the average day in Vietnam. For men, there are, in essence, three male-only drafts: the draft of men to all the wars; the draft of Everyman to unpaid bodyguard; the draft of men to all the hazardous jobs—or ‘death professions.

    ”In post offices throughout the United States, Selective Service posters [reading "A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do] remind men that only they must register for the draft. If the Post Office had a poster saying "A Jew's Gotta Do What A Jew's Gotta Do..." or if "A Woman's Gotta Do..." were written across the body of a pregnant woman....

    The weakness of men is the facade of strength; the strength of women is the facade of weakness. Today, violence against women is rightly abhorred. But we call violence against men "entertainment". Football, boxing, wrestling... All are games used to sugarcoat violence against men, originally in need of sugarcoating so "our team"--or "our society"--could bribe its best protectors to sacrifice themselves.

    The Myth of Male PowerDr. Warren Farrell


The Myth of Male Power
by Dr. Warren Farrell

The Myth of Male Power confronts the politically correct myths, misandry and the feminist hegemony of sex discourse. It takes tremendous courage to challenge the orthodoxy and establishment. Both Dr. Farrell and his publisher, Simon & Schuster, deserve the highest kudos for their willingness to face the fire on this one.

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The Predatory Female
by Lawrence Shannon

A Field Guide to Dating and the Marriage-Divorce Industry.

Reverend Shannon is a retired airline pilot who was ordained in 1969. A veteran of both divorce and custody battles, he wrote The Predatory Female to help finance his children's college educations. This book is now in its 4th printing because it exposes and explains the lopsided divorce court system in America and the women who use it for their own financial gain. The chicks who stomp their feet and yell "NAWALT!" (not all women are like that!) are exactly the ones he is writing about. Boys, read this, look at your lover....and laugh.

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  • Q. You haven't mentioned love as an interest of the predatory female. Why?

    A. The predatory female never loves a man; she only loves the love. This is a basic rule.

    A quasi-supernatural transformation, the chameleon syndrome is the predatory female's unholy ability to become whatever the script calls for in "hooking" a man. She will adopt his viewpoints, his attitudes, his hobbies, and his dislikes. Her personality will change to suit his.

    She will enroll in classes, become a gourmet cook, stop smoking, switch religions, ac- cept his friends, humor his jealousies, develop a relationship with his relatives, or whatever else is called for. She will change colors in the rocks like a chameleon! Of all the traits exhib- ited by predatory females, this chameleon syndrome is one of the most lethal.

    She transforms involuntarily. She could take a lie detector test and pass. There is nothing crooked in her mind. Consequently the male detects nothing amiss because there is nothing amiss. Everything is normal and natural. The predatory female has matched herself with the surrounding landscape; she adapted to her en- vironment for mating and survival. The male innocently concludes he has met the "right" woman.

    The Predatory FemaleLawrence Shannon

  • Quite the wake-up call! A must read! By U.S. Homemaker on January 15, 2007

    The Cultural Devastation of American Women is a factual investigation into the American woman’s abuse of liberation. Levant burrows into the psyches and habits of American women. She exposes over-spending, over-decorating, obsessions with beauty, weight, social climbing, and the hiring out of traditional female functions.

    All of these demonstrate a rejection of biological instincts and behaviors. Levant exposes demanding, unreasonable, and incompetent mothers. She delves with brutal frankness into women and marriage, child rearing, divorce, hypochondria, self-absorption, and vanity, challenging the assumption that Westernized society freed women from social bondage. Levant calls for a critical evaluation of womanhood in 21st Century America.

    The Cultural Devastation of American Women is reckoning day for American women as readers of all ages and political persuasions find complete agreement with the proof of the voices of suffering children. By including the commentary of daycare children to create premise and purpose, Levant allows our children to report on the current state of parenthood, home life, and themselves.

    The Cultural Devastation of American WomenNancy Levant


The Cultural Devastation of American Women
by Nancy Levant

The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female.

Yes, that's the complete title. Ask for it by name. We did, and the female sales person at Barns & Noble almost blew a gasket. Make sure you smile when you ask for it, too. And spell it out loudly. "Yes, I am looking for The. Cultural. Devastation. Of. American. Women. The. Strange. And. Frightening. Decline. Of. The. American. Female..... by Former Feminist Nancy Levant." ..... and enjoy the expression on her face.

Look inside for a brief synopsis.

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The War Against Boys
by Christina Hoff Sommers

How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men

The author of the provocative bestseller "Who Stole Feminism?" returns with an equally eye-opening follow-up. "It's a bad time to be a boy in America," writes Christina Hoff Sommers. Boys are less likely than girls to go to college or do their homework. They're more likely to cheat on tests, wind up in detention, or drop out of school.

...... and we are still also more likely to become Steve Jobs. He dropped out of school. Nobody ever seems to mention that. Especially the feminists who think they are "doing better in school".

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  • The author of the provocative bestseller Who Stole Feminism? returns with an equally eye-opening follow-up. "It's a bad time to be a boy in America," writes Christina Hoff Sommers. Boys are less likely than girls to go to college or do their homework. They're more likely to cheat on tests, wind up in detention, or drop out of school. Yet it's "the myth of the fragile girl," according to Sommers, that has received the lion's share of attention.

    I am a 37-year-old professional female who was raised in an all-female modern feminist household. Thus, I have been taught the established feminist doctrines from a very early age. I consider myself intelligent, but I must admit I never questioned my beliefs, until I read this book by Ms. Hoff Sommers.

    Whilst a review is, by nature, subjective, one has to say that if you have not awarded this outstanding treatise five stars, then you have probably either missed the point or possess insufficient intellectual faculty to conceive and rationalise the truth Hoff Sommers presents herein.

    Perhaps the most informed study yet in this area, this engrossing book sheds light on a controversial subject. It deserves close reading by parents, educators and anyone interested in raising healthy, successful children of both sexes.

    The War Against BoysChristina Hoff Sommers

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