Currently in renovation, testing and development.
Thank you for your patience.

This is necessary to route future contact requests. In the mean time, we are now handling important member support requests, subscription cancellations, sending confirmation emails etc. All official "subscription cancellations" have been honored - except some remaining contact form cancellations. We expect those to be confirmed AUG 25/26. We are also building in a "delete your account" feature into the profile page so anyone who has requested this may do it themselves.

The website is currently under major renovation which affect the overall architecture and performance (especially on mobile)

Additionally, there was a period where some members have had trouble logging in - or resetting their password. This did not affect most, but a notice of the fix is available on the login page. These issues were resolved on AUG 9 - 12 and we wish to thank those who assisted in solving them. Otherwise, the contact form should reopen on Sept 1 or much sooner once we have handled a backlog of important submissions. Very big thanks.

AUG 20 - 1:00 AM PST Renovations on all sections will continue throughout the week. Feel free to browse the top menu for new items. Some pages & posts may need to be reformatted and have images referenced - especially those originally created 4 years ago to make them current. In the mean time, please mind the dust and thank you for visiting. - MGTOW.COM