The “Digital Millennium and Copyright Act” protects copyright holders. There is also “fair use” of copyright materials which protects users and those who share copyrighted information for the purposes of education, criticism, comments, comparison or even parody.

We intend in no way to cause friction from either side.
Some materials are the property of their respective copyright holders.

Copyright holders often broadcast their material to a very wide audience and WANT it to be shared (or discussed and criticized) with as wide an audience as possible. Some do not. When there is user-generated content on a website which supports submissions and uploads . . . . . articles, photos, videos, and media might be be shared by users, referenced, quoted, commented on, or often linked to.

If you are a copyright holder of something like a photo and have any issue with it appearing here because someone shared or submitted it, please contact us, send a link to the page where it exists, identify yourself as the copyright holder, and we will be happy to remove it within 48 hours or much less. Usually within 24 hours – or immediately. Please keep your request professional, polite and considerate and we will extend the same courtesy.

Here are a few examples of where we may not be the right people to contact for this:

• When referencing (or linking to) a remote image which exists elsewhere on another website, it is the other website that actually holds and published the image. It may technically “appear” on this website but we are not able to remove it, because it is not kept here. We are only able to remove the reference to it. Please understand this basic difference.

Some websites permit remote referencing, and some websites do not.
In most cases, if the remote websites don’t allow it, no image will even appear anywhere else at all.

• YouTube videos are intended to be shared far and wide, and their “success” model depends on being “embedded” and shared / viewed on other websites. YouTube actually creates iframe & embed technology to share these videos elsewhere. When viewed, the publisher at YouTube receives +1 view count. This is the entire POINT of YouTube videos. But the owner of the youtube video can actually decide (at YouTube) to not permit other websites to play/embed that video. So the “control” does not actually lay with us, it is on the original author.

If a YouTube video contains a copyrighted clip , it is best to contact that publisher/author on YouTube directly.

Always feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist in any way that we can.

Thank you.