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On Personal Responisibility

DATE: 2017-04-12 9:40PM

I’ve watched a lot of MGTOW videos, and the commentaries are accurate, spot-on. However, there’s one facet that is consistently absent from these testimonials: all of these justifiably jaded and disgruntled men actively chose relationships with the women who burned them. Through some level of cost-benefit analysis, the men made actively-intentional and adult decisions to be with these abhorrent women. Why is this personal accountability never mentioned in MGTOW videos?


Hello and good afternoon. That’s a very interesting question. But first, why are you pretending to be totally unaware that women GROSSLY misrepresent themselves?

60% of UK brides use dirty tricks to get engaged. Thats’ nearly two out of three. Nearly half of all paternity tests prove he is not the father – and that number only includes those who are willing to agree to a test.

And you expect MEN to accept “personal responsibility” for that?

For as long as women still expect men to pay for HER mistakes, you have no business pretending to know what “personal responsibility” is. Who is “personally responsible” when these bitches get away with it? And that’s the whopping majority of them. Are the vast majority of those women prepared to become a single mother, accept personal responsibility for that, and have no problem when her man turns his back on her – and walks away – because he wants no more to do with her?

….. or would they call him a “deadbeat bad” for that and expect to collect alimony and child support.

It’s a wonder you can even bring yourself to compose this email without thinking.
It wasn’t even a good try.

A very pleasant day to you.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

You talk a load of sh*t.
From: “Bob” (undeliverable return address)
Date: 2016.01.15

You talk a load of s~~~. Spend a year as a woman and you might start to grasp the fact that it is women and girls who are hardest hit in life and have to overcome so much more just to survive. You haven”t got a clue. Females are mentally stronger in general. That is why they can cope with so much s~~~ and keep going and tend not to play the old suicide card on mass. You are so wrong and misguided. Women actually like men and want to be in relationships. That is why they try so hard to look attractive. You haven’t got the foggiest idea how hard it is to be female, especially an ugly female. You want to try life as an ugly woman. You would then know just how hard and lonely life isis and how nasty and cruel men can be. Men definitely have it easier. There is no doubt.

Good evening “Bob”.

How long have you been waltzing through life with this tornado of misinformation in your head? You didn’t even provide a single specific example of that “load of s~~~” you’re speaking about. Now why would that be?

The law already proves you wrong. Men are legally required to pay for women’s mistakes – and woman will expect men to. Now that’s a load of s~~~. Just get a load of this s~~~. When a woman doesn’t get her way, she cries “sexism” or “abuse” and everyone comes running. When a woman commits paternity fraud on the Maury Povich show, she flops to the floor and sobs like a victim. Get a load of that s~~~. That “load of s~~~” should be arrested on the spot and fined $250K (the cost of raising a child to 18), instead of being coddled like a “victim”.

A woman can actually earn the same living as a doctor or high-level attorney with no skills, brains, education or talent beyond what God gave her. She can even be as dumb as a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society, collect a 6-figure income, and enjoy all kinds of benefits, applause and adoration.

Men have no such luxury in life.

And your best argument about “how hard it is to be female” is about not being attracive enough to the opposite sex? Just stop it right now. That tickles. When a man complains about his hardships, he is told to “man up” – because everyone knows women have it easier. The only person you’re trying to convince is yourself. That’s who you should have written to. Yourself.

There is a reason you wrote to us from a bogus non-deliverable email, and it’s not because your name is “Bob”. A woman can actually afford to completely reject reality and believe whatever nonsense is floating around in her skull, while preferring not to even hear a conflicting option.

Must be nice. But it’s still a load of s~~~.

Every considered comedy?

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Shut this f*#king site down.
Date: Sep 28, 2015, at 6:02 PM
From Name: Femi Nist
Email: feminist @ gotohell . com (undeliverable)
Subject: Contact
Phone or Mobile: Unspecified
Message: Shut this f~~~ing site down.
IP Address:
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0


Why don’t you go have another piece of delicious pie. MGTOW is an idea. And you can’t shut down an idea. Happy to disappoint you.

Like “the Earth is not the center of the universe”. That was once an idea, and the Church wanted to shut down Galileo for proving it. But guess what. The Earth is not the center of the Universe. And neither are you.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists. But maybe in your case, we will make an exception. Why don’t you first shut down the #killallmen feminist hashtag, stop selling “I bathe in male tears” T-shirts, and shut down the ETSY website for selling misandry-branded/man-hating jewelry ….. and then try us again!

As as feminist, you certainly remained true to form though. Nicely done.

You also forgot to say “please”. There is no need to be rude.
While you have no concept of basic manners and decency, that’s not our problem.
You’re your own problem.

Thank you. And have a spectacular day. You know the way out.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

I live in Sweden. I have no contact with my child. She has blocked all contact with me before the child was born. I am currently fighting for my right to see my child but due to the laws here we won't start court for 2 years. I feel lost.
Date: 2015.09.28
From: Christopher in Sweden

I live in Sweden. I have no contact with my child. She has blocked all contact with me before the child was born. I am currently fighting for my right to see my child but due to the laws here we won’t start court for 2 years. I feel lost.

Good evening Christopher,

This sort of message is the most devastating. We receive them far too frequently.

There is a very horribly unfair dynamic that MGTOW understand is a gross imbalance in the legal system. The kids are HER kids. Even in the USA and Canada, the only child a man is permitted to have…. are the kids she allows him to have.

…. and then they blame fathers for children who suffer from “fatherlessness”:

Just listen to the woman in that video (further down the page) mustering up tears and fatigue for the camera. When we confronted her, she removed her video in a hurry. Good thing we kept it. Blaming MEN for fatherlessness, when the legal system – and women – are personally responsible for it. It’s not a “justice” system anymore. It’s grossly unfair. Denying fathers access to children is already cruelty to children, but blaming men for it is unimaginably inhumane. Is the person who intentionally denies a child a father even fit to parent at all?

YOU are not lost. The justice system is lost.
Remind yourself of that. It’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault.

We wish you every success in your fight for your child.

Most sincerely,

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

For men who are supposedly GTOW, you guys sure do obsess about females a lot. It would seem like they actually still hold a lot of power over you and dominate your thoughts. If you were really going your own way, you wouldn't even care about women or need to cry about the injustices.
FROM: Zack D. (classic poser “alpha” male)
DATE: 2015.07.30

I respect your philosophy, but you men do not actually practice what you preach. For men who are supposedly GTOW, you guys sure do obsess about females a lot. It would seem like they actually still hold a lot of power over you and dominate your thoughts. It seems that you guys are still concerned with their approval. If you were really going your own way, you wouldn’t even care about women or need to cry about the injustices. All I see is a bunch of whiny, emotional beta male behavior. The irony of trying to free yourself from women, while this entire site is dedicated to discussing them, is just pathetically hilarious. Man up you pussy-whipped boot lickers.

MGTOW Respond

Hello Zack and thanks for contacting. There is a reason why that approach fails, and we will try and dumb it down for you. Telling men they “talk too much about women”…. is like telling someone who lives near a mine field that they talk too much about mines.

You live in a world where your own wife will try and trap you into fatherhood against your own will – and it’s even ”LEGAL” for her to pretend you’re the father when you’re not. Other women will even encourage her to do so – backed up by applause and laughter. You also live in a world where adult women vote to be treated like unaccountable toddlers by the legal system – who aren’t even capable of giving consent. So even if you’re a police officer out doing your job and you give one of those toddlers a ticket for driving without a license… she can legally lie and claim you “raped” her, just because she doesn’t like you.

This represents a serious hazard and nuissance as you navigate the roads of life – no matter how “alpha” you think you are. Being aware of that is not called “crying”… and it doesn’t make you a “whiny emotional beta”, either. So snap out of it, pull yourself together and don’t be an idiot. It’s embarrassing.

In order to navigate the roads successfully, it’s not enough to just *be a good driver*. You must also actively practice collision avoidance. That’s where at least 80% of your focus actually needs to be if you wish to remain accident free. You can’t just drive and “go your own way”. You have to look in your rear view mirrors once every 8 seconds…..constantly shoulder check for other cars….. look at least 5 car lengths ahead… keep an eye on the front wheels of cars you are passing in case that moron changes lanes without signaling. You know those double yellow lines you’re not supposed to cross? Well…. they’re just PAINT. Another car can cross them and KILL you any time it wants. Understanding all of this is the only way to remain accident free, and it even cuts down on your insurance.


It makes you look like a compete and total retard. So Man up, you (what was it? Oh, yes) you whiny, emotional beta pussy-whipped bootlicker. We don’t really care when drivers like you kill yourselves on your motorbike. We may even think it’s “pathetically hilarious” too, because we wouldn’t want to be thought of as “whiny emotional betas” for “crying” at your funeral. That would be SO beta, man. ‘Cuz you’re alpha, bro.

Are you getting it yet?

MGTOW saves lives.
YOU never will.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

We all - females and males - go our own way, whether it's left or right.
FROM: S. Kozera (Female)
DATE: 2015.07.28

We all – females and males – go our own way, whether it’s left or right.

That’s adorable, but no you don’t. Because a woman actually expects to be PAID to go away and get lost. And that concept is as stupid as making monthly car payments for a car you don’t even drive anymore. If women were capable of going their own way, they wouldn’t publish millions of articles entitled: “Where are all the men?”… and whine on the evening news about how men don’t pay to feed them, or commit to their pathetic asses.

Have you ever divorced or dumped a woman before? They don’t just leave peacefully. Even when an unmarried man wants to spend time with a different woman, she will behave like he treated her badly, key his car and damage his personal property. They want MONEY for that. And they want men to give it to them every month – just to GO AWAY for being a crazy controlling bitch, s~~~ty wife and terrible mother. You don’t ever get to say “females go their own way too” ever again.

Look at this:

That’s “women going their own way”. Just look at that embarrassing joke.
“The Blog, Links, and Misc are under construction as we wait for feedback, responses, and allies!”

Waiting for feedback responses and allies is hardly going your own way. It’s been like that for at least 18 months. What the hell is “misc”? And what’s with the picture of a horse licking her pregnant tummy? Is that THE FATHER? Gross. Look at the smile on her face. Of all the possible images women going their own way can possibly use on a website to represent there non-existent blog … it’s a horse licking the stomach of a pregnant chick who appears to be overly-affectionate with farm animals.

Women can’t even go their own way long enough to paste a link on their website in 18 months. They are still waiting for support from an ally to come along and do it for them. Observe the very first about sentence: “We are nothing more than a bunch of women”. Very well said. Nothing more than a bunch of women… still waiting for feedback responses and allies. That’s not going their own way.

The disclaimer text in the footer really polishes it off nicely.
“We are not, in any way, affiliated with MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way.”

A monkey can see that immediately.

So for you to write and say “everyone goes their own way” like you’re pointing out the obvious…. you couldn’t be any more blind. You girls desperately need a reality check and a reminder, because it gets really tiring listening to you shrieking on about being “equally strong and independent” while happily collecting alimony and child support from a non-father of your bastard child. Maury Povich made an entire TV career out of the epic paternity fraud women attempt to get away with. Just go your own way. LEAVE. And stop expecting men to pay for YOUR mistakes.

Look at the world around you. Really look at it. With your eyes open this time.

You can’t “go your own way” when you demonstrate (and vote for) such a refusal to pay for your own mistakes. The law guarantees women are treated like toddlers, and 54% of voters are the females who voted for that. The law says you can’t even make up your own mind. That’s right. Even in the most basic sense, if you go out tonight, have a drink and have sex, the law says you are incapable of making up your own mind and giving consent…. and now a “strong and independent” you-go-girl changes her mind, blames a man for her own mistakes and s~~~ty choices – which were 100% avoidable by her. That turns every adult woman in the western world into a screaming irresponsible infant.

Going Your Own Way requires something women just aren’t willing to accept: personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is a man’s best friend. Only Men are expected to accept personal responsilbity for mistakes that aren’t even theirs.

You are so incapable of going your own way, that fake Fendi you swing around should really be a colostomy bag.

So who are you trying to convince?
Other people? Or YOURSELF.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Hi Sandman, I'm just curious, how much do you charge for making one of those opinion videos on YouTube if I send you a question or topic?

From: S.B
Date: 2015-07-13
Time: 11:13 PM

Good evening and thanks for contacting. There must be some mistake, because there is no “Sandman” here who charges for “an opinion”. We would never do that, because: *Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one*.

Even if you wanted to donate for that, we wouldn’t accept it for that very reason.

We only charge for actual, valuable marketable skills, products and services…. like website architecture, programming, consulting, interactive UX/UI design, graphics creation, motion graphics & video production, server maintenance, site creation, solutions and support, branding, 3D prototype & product design, and the development of advanced digital products.

We would be delighted to make a fact-based response – for free – though. Facts are always far better than “opinions”, and we make a point of elevating a response to more than just an “opinion” by including video evidence, links, documentation and actual recorded testimony. Let us know the topic – with specifics – and include a question if you have one. It will be our pleasure. Depending on the nature of your topic, lead time would range anywhere from 72 hours to 7 days in most cases – 2 weeks on the far outside if a lot of research is required.

Thank you for asking. A pleasant evening to you.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

What's all this about February 14th not being Valentine's Day anymore?

Men have decided February 14th is now the International Day of Men Going Their Own Way.

Men have always been better than women at Valentine’s Day. Women ruined it with their selfishness. Women are so selfish, they would rather allow a child slave to die in Africa (where diamonds come from) than give up just one of their precious Valentine’s Day gifts and extravagant meals.

Kids have a holiday a lot like Valentine’s Day. It’s called “Christmas”, and kids are allowed to act like little bastards during Christmas because they’re kids. Women have no excuse. They can vote.

According to some commercials you will see on TV, it costs only pennies a day to improve the lives of impoverished African children. Pennies a day is a maximum of four pennies. If it cost five pennies a day to save starving children, then they would just say “a nickel” because that’s shorter to say and the saved commercial air time could be turned into food.

…. divided by four pennies is 343 trillion starving African children. You don’t need to check a globe to know there are less than that many starving African children in Africa. There aren’t even that many starving African children in the whole world. You see the point. That princess you’re buying a puppy for next week is taking a puppy’s worth of meals out of the mouths of kids halfway across the world. And she loves every second of it.

$14 billion dollars was wasted to please and appease women – just so she can get a gift out of obligation and resent – because it says Feb 14th on the calendar. Maybe you already took her out and paid for her meal 30 times in the last 12 months, but if you don’t do it on Feb 14th, she will now behave like you treated her badly. Behavior aside, female selfishness can be broken down and understood just by looking at the numbers:

The average amount a man will spend this year is $145.67
The average amount a woman will spend is $71.62

(Isn’t that called a pay gap?)

Women don’t even know how expensive flowers are. A dozen roses is, like, eighty dollars. Does it make her a whore because it’s over forty bucks? Don’t be absurd. It makes her a whore for accepting them in the first place.

If women were really so packed full of compassion and nurturing, then the most wasteful holiday of the year wouldn’t be dedicated to them. If women were stuffed with any caring at all, Valentine’s Day would be about volunteering at the local homeless shelter. It would be about buying a star and naming it after her….. except, instead of a star, it would be a short bus full of starving African kids.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest waste in history.
But who cares? Women sure don’t. They’re selfish as hell.

Beginning in 2015, Feb. 14th is “International MGTOW Day”.
$14 Billion was wasted on women last year – in just one day.
It’s time Men did something better with that.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Wow. There is so much to address and so little time. First, you are generalizing. Second . . .

Date: February 23, 2015
From: J. Collier
Approximate Geo Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada (figures)


“Wow. There is so much to address and so little time. First, you are generalizing. Second….”


First, you need to learn the basics about generalizations.
In order to learn anything about the world, you MUST generalize.

It is simply amazing this needs to be explained to an adult who attempted to lecture us in an email. We stopped reading after your second sentence because you lost all credibility out of the gate. You may contact us again after you have a basic 2nd grade education.

When women pretend to have a problem with “generalizations”… her real issue is not with “the generalization” at all. Her issue is only when the generalization doesn’t include female worship and adoration. We see this every day. If a man went on national television and said “all women are beautiful, perfect, and they can do no wrong”, he would get a automatic round of applause, and everybody knows it – even though it couldn’t POSSIBLY be true.

Would the same woman write in and tell him he can’t generalize?
Would any female present stand up and object?

Of course not.

But when the same man says “men are smarter than women”, he gets booed off the stage and told “you can’t generalize!!”, even though what he said has already been historically proven to be true – time and time again.

Generalizing is not the problem you have. Your problem is when the (man = bad / women = good) LIE is exposed and you can’t sell your s~~~ sammich anymore. That’s not our problem. That’s your own issue. You’re just going to have to work harder at misrepresenting yourself.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

This is a joke, right? I hope for your sake it's a joke.
From: Jane S.
Subject: MGTOW Contact Inquiry
Approximate Geo Location: Bloomington, Indiana [Indiana University]
22.01.2015 1:03PM

We found it fascinating that you asked a question, but you provided a non-existent email for us to send a reply. Why would you ask a question if you didn’t really want an answer? Extreme narcissism? Insanity perhaps?

Nobody gives a s~~~ how you interpret it, especially Men Going Their Own Way. But we can easily answer your question with a question. If all Men suddenly decided to stop working, helping, constructing, rebuilding, maintaining, removing your refuse, cleaning your streets, powering your home with electricity, installing free wi-fi networks, providing you with your most basic freedoms and liberties, and everything else you take for granted every single day of your miserable existence…. would you think it is funny?

For your sake, you’d better hope and pray it’s a joke.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Why announce MGTOW? Why don't you just go your own way?

Many do. That’s called “ghosting”. Minimizing and living off the grid without making any grand overtures about it. But MGTOW are also compelled to let their presence be known. A surprising number make the lifestyle choice many years before meeting others, and when they do, they had no idea such a term existed. Like finding a brother you didn’t know you had… after being separated by very different lives and geography.

Why don’t gays just go and have sex with other men? Why do they require or expect an international parade, fanfare and a special calendar day? MGTOW do not shut down city streets, redirect traffic, and ask you make room for them like Slutwalks, either. Why not just go be a slut? Why not just “do what you want with your body”?

MGTOW are Men with class, integrity and self-respect. You will never see a MGTOW parade with asses and nipples hanging out. Ever. The biggest distinguishing factor is feminism and other cultural bowel movements have an insatiable thirst and need for attention in order to survive. We don’t even need to advertize.

Take attention away from a feminist, she’s loses her funding and will say anything for attention, parading down the street naked screaming in your face that she has “the right to do so” while accusing you of looking at breasts. Take attention away from a MGHOW, and he’ll wonder what took you so long to finally shut the f~~~ up.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

MGTOW can't get a girlfriend.

Is that a question or a statement? A girlfriend is just a silly female who thinks an unmarried man should be interested in not banging other chicks and paying for everything. What idiot would ever sign up for that?

Getting a girlfriend is easy. It’s getting rid of her that’s hard. Have you ever told your girlfriend to f~~~ off, get lost, shut up or go away? She won’t leave! Not even “please leave” works. It’s remarkable.

For all the things a “girlfriend” expects from a man to make her “happy”, tell your girlfriend to stop talking for 5 minutes – just because it would make you happy – and she will behave like you treated her badly. Not talking takes less energy than applying lipstick. It takes less effort than talking. Yet a woman in a “relationship” will refuse to do it.

Not talking is asking NOTHING from her. If a woman isn’t even prepared to do NOTHING to please her man, then she is simply not marriageable or worth being in a relationship with.

Girlfriends actually try to use “the silent treatment” which is the worst possible way to tell a man you’re mad at him. That’s like HEAVEN to a man. When a woman pulls “the silent treatment”, just think about what she thinks you did “wrong”… and then do it as often as f~~~ing possible.

Finding a woman who will repeatedly nag, annoy and tell you that you’re wrong all the time is one of the easiest things in the world.

“Can’t get a girlfriend?”. Please. Who the f~~~ would ever want one.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Do MGTOW have sex? Or are you all virgins who don't get any.

This is one of the dumbest repeat questions we receive.

Where do you think the exploding population of single mothers comes from? After all, it’s still legal in this country for a woman to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent. If she pulls that stunt, does she really expect her man to stick around?

Single mothers are the number one cause of single mothers.

Who do you think had sex with her? A MGHOW, that’s who. It wasn’t her boyfriend. And it sure as hell wasn’t her husband either. So if anyone is not getting any, it’s boyfriends and husbands. Hugh Grant had super-model wife Elizabeth Hurley at home, but she wasn’t getting the job done either. So he went out and got a $60 BJ elsewhere. Another husband who isn’t getting laid. And he was a famous movie actor. This guy paid his Ex-wife to go away with $3 million dollars plus property while she was having sex with his friend for free.

Only an extreme idiot pretends “MGTOW don’t get laid”.

Paternity fraud is also legal in all 50 states and Canadian provinces. In fact, DNA test results reveal that as many as 30% of American babies don’t have the father they think they do. And the number is much higher than that, because that only includes women who agree to a DNA test. More proof boyfriends and husbands don’t get any.

Sex is available to any unmarried man anywhere for much less trouble, effort, money, investment and time than most people want you to believe. Even the married men can get it for less. As soon as you accept this reality, you are forced to stop pretending MGTOW “can’t get any”. With women everywhere publishing articles “where are all the men?”, nobody gets to pretend men aren’t in demand. Men are 49% of the western population.

Implying women and sex is rare, priceless, unattainable is one of the biggest intellectually-dishonest lies running. women are now more promiscuous than ever. So if women are having more sex than ever with more partners than ever – and they aren’t having sex with their husbands and boyfriends – who are they having sex with?

Even if a man has only 3 lovers in his entire life, he is getting more than his own grandfather – who had to marry her first. The value of western vagina has plummeted to $0, and sex can be ordered like pizza. It may even surprise you how often it’s there in 30 minutes or it’s free.

… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If a MGTOW isn’t having sex, it’s because he doesn’t want it. Accept it. You and your vagina are not all that.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Where is the highest MGTOW concentration on the map?

MGTOW is mostly (but not limited to) Canada, USA, the UK, and Australia. Toronto and surrounding areas is the epicenter. It’s been stated elsewhere in the Manosphere (by well-travelled men including ourselves), Toronto is the worst city in the world if you are a man.

… although it has been confirmed Sweden is a disaster too. Swedish feminazis have a sick desire to ban men’s room urinals because they have a problem when men stand up to urinate. Yes, you read that right. Women who are permitted to vote in Sweden have a problem with men (who construct and provide women with bathrooms, electricity and running water across the world) standing up to pee in urinals built, created and installed by men – in men’s bathrooms.

Imagine having a problem with the way a woman inserts her tampon. Then imagine telling women everywhere you want to make it illegal for her to lift one leg, so you want to pass a law forcing her to bend over and insert it slowly from behind. That is just a tiny glimpse into the insane mind of a feminist. Multiply that for Sweden, and Americ~~~ Anita Sarkeesian.

This is what happens when you let women vote on anything other than American Idol.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

I am using an iPhone / iPad and I sometimes don't see the homepage animation. Is it because I don't have Flash?

We originally produced certain elements of our website (such as the v.1 audio and video player) in Flash, but with a mobile-first approach, there is no longer any need for Flash on our website. It is entirely created with HTML5, Javascript, advanced CSS animations and transitions.

Large movie and audio files must be “clicked” on a mobile device / tablet to prevent automatic downloading so as not to exceed your mobile data limits. So where you would see a movie / animation begin to autoplay on your desktop computer, the mobile device will require a click (or touch) to play. This is a default behavior on all current handheld devices.

Almost all of the items in the homepage feature area are static images. If an animation/movie is the first item, auto-slide will activate after it has finished playing. Use the provided arrows to navigate the hero area.

We make use of the very latest industry-standard technologies, and strongly recommend you keep your devices and browsers current for the most seamless and error-free interactive experience. To report a bug of any kind, visit the about our website page or contact us and we will be all over that like a fat kid on a cookie.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

What do MGTOW think about marriage?

Why have a wife… when he can have a LIFE?

Marriage is for gays.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Do you allow women to join or participate in the MGTOW forums discussions?

No. is exclusively a men’s interest website for men only. The internet was also created by men (for other men), and it is only by our divine manly grace that women are permitted to use it. To be clear, we do not say women are not permitted to join, or comment, it is intended for men only. A very different message altogether.

The symbol on a men’s room door is a cartoon man. It’s not a cartoon woman in a skirt with a big red X through her. So if something is pro-male it’s not open to be re-interprepted as anti-female. This should already be understood, but you would be surprised how many women think they have a “right” to go wherever they want – even when not welcome or invited. This is patently false.

Women may exit this website to the Women’s Shelter which we created as a basic courtesy, and trust that courtesy will be returned with a most basic understanding of boundaries.

Very big thanks in advance.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

What is this red pill / blue pill reference I often hear tell about in the Manospshere?

The Red Pill is direct reference to a scene from the 1999 film “The Matrix” and symbolizes a preference for truth – no matter how painful it may be.

You take the blue pill, the story ends.
You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland ….
And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

I heard that you stop weddings. What do you charge?

Save a Male and Stop a Wedding™ is an unregistered trademark of

Yes, we have prevented 7 weddings in 4 years. Two of them right in the middle of the ceremony. The groom(s) were shown evidence that their fiancées had recently been at a bachelorette party just prior to the wedding and performed oral sex on a male stripper…. and then paid the stripper and their bar tab with their future husband’s credit card.

We charge a very small % of what the groom would lose in a divorce, which saves him a fortune. In the case of a high-profile example – like Tiger Woods – who’s wife was bad in bed and beat him with a golf club, she made off with 1/4 of a billion dollars. We would have only charged $2.5 million to stop that wedding. That represents a savings for Mr. Woods of $247,500,000. Not too shabby.

Pity we couldn’t get to Kayne West in time.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Can you be married and a MGHOW?

There has been some deliberation on this, but the short answer is No.

While it’s certainly possible that a man may have married 20 years ago, and recently became self-aware of the very precarious legal position he finds himself in today…this would be the only real way he could consider adopting a MGTOW lifestyle if he were contemplating divorce.

Cohabitation and the signing of a marriage contract eliminates any possibility that he has a true 100% agency over the outcome of his marriage and future. With 72%+ of divorces solely initiated by women (the number is much higher because she can still passively initiate while making it look like his idea) his kids, house, cars, freedom and ultimate destiny no longer belong to him exclusively. No matter how much he wants his marriage to work, he can’t legally control the outcome and can be totally devastated by the divorce. Divorce is a huge billion dollar industry deliberately designed to transfer his wealth and freedom to her, leaving him with little or no recourse – even if he were totally faithful and she had 50 affairs since the wedding.

Save a male and stop a wedding™ is an unregistered trademark of

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

This website is amazing! Will you help me with mine? Can you host my website too? And what do you charge?

Thank you. Quite possibly. And potentially.

The rate really depends on the scope.
Most clients are restricted by one of 3 things: Time. Quality. Or Money.

So to answer your question another way:
Fast, cheap and good. Pick two.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

My Girlfriend is Pregnant. What do I do?

Whatever you do, do NOT invite her into the hot tub with champagne to “celebrate”.
This can cause a miscarriage and she could lose the baby!

Repeat. You should not under any circumstances do that.
… as quickly as possible.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Why do so many Manosphere / MGTOW writers and authors hide behind a mask?

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Do you hire women?

No. At the moment we are not hiring.

If we were, we would not be looking to hire women to meet some ridiculous quota.
We would look for the best person for the job.

In our experience, a penny saved is a woman fired.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Do you accept donations and support? I would like very much to contribute.

At this time, we are very pleased and proud to offer an ad-free experience (except for the Disqus® comments section which are automatically fed to us in the comment section). We don’t believe in “donations”, and you will never find a “donations” button on our website. We provide actual marketable skills, talents, services and products for sale.

For example:

Contact us to advertise on our site if you wish to be a sponsor. If you’re a book author of MGTOW/Manosphere interest, we can feature your book for a monthly fee for placement. We also provide email forwards and email addresses for elite and featured members for a subscription… that sort of thing. There is more to come in the near future. We also produce online (and offline) high-impact digital interactive & multimedia user experiences, and award-winning websites.

We wish to thank all those who asked, and for their generous support to assist with costs of operation and production.

Contact us anytime »

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Who created the MGTOW logo?

The yellow “men at work / one way” sign visible at the very top/center of the navigation has become the universally-accepted “icon” of MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way. Unsure of where we first saw it, but many MGTOW on social media have colorized and customized it to instantly identify themselves at a glance in their avatars.

We did not create that graphic but found it to be easily identifiable and very tough to improve upon. We tried many alternative, updated designs and variations, but found ourselves repeatedly reverting back to that one. The letters “MGTOW” have room for play, and we have virtually created dozens of stamps, logos, watermarks, images, wallpapers and signatures incorporating the MGTOW letters into culturally significant signs of the times – from Star Trek-influenced logo to a Universal Pictures type movie trailer – and other easily recognizable “brands” and contexts.

We believe the icon should remain unchanged, although there are limitless ways it can be incorporated into designs – even 3D models – which we have created, built, textured, rendered and animated for upcoming video releases.

The MGTOW letters are presented here and there with different materials, textures and fonts to creatively merge “MGTOW” into various contexts in a creative way without assuming any ownership or absolutely definitive version of what it *should* be. This is actually ideal, because “MGTOW” itself is defined by no one , and has no single owner or leader. The MGTOW community would chew us up and spit us out if we tried to tell them what “MGTOW” should look like…. so it will continually morph itself into the various individual identities that are MGTOW.

Our aim was to make the icon truly iconic.

We are enormously honored that – at no time – was there ever a single objection or pushback to what we have done with it. Other MGTOW have only expressed enormously positive reactions to creative uses which could have just as easily backfired, but every last MGTOW has been very gracious and accepting of our creations. For this, we wish to thank the community most sincerely.

For anyone interested, we will probably post the collection of 10-20 design experiments, but first we would like to create a collection of high-resolution wallpapers for desktop and mobile.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Do you do interviews?


…. after we have celebrated our 2 year anniversary, have 10,000 members, and/or the website is complete as we conceptualized it – whichever comes first.

We haven’t even begun to “get social” yet or publish entirely exclusive content, but now that we have one foot cemented in the Manosphere, we will happily participate in online exchanges and written interviews or questionnaires for the time being. Possibly voice interviews if requested. After has become it’s own self-generating entity with user-generated content in order to grow on it’s own, we will have the ability to use the time to interact with others on a more personal level.

We thank you very much for your interest and for asking.
Contact us anytime for basic questions or publicity materials.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

When did MGTOW start?

MGTOW have been around for centuries.

One might even argue Jesus Christ was a MGTOW. Galileo certainly was (550 years ago) when much of the world blindly believed the Earth was the center of the Universe, and he went his own way against orders of the Church risking (and facing) a death sentence and exile. Schopenhauer c.1865 and Nikolai Tesla are also prominent and obvious MGTOW. Professor Henry Higgins may be the first genuine and popular MGTOW character in the multi-Oscar award winning film “My Fair Lady” c.1964… as were Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind, and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Sure, they may be characters in movies and stories, but where do you think those characters come from?

Einstein (if you look at the stipulations in his marriage contract) may even have been a married MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way), and we were recently sent early references found in print using the actual term (and exact wording) “Men Going Their Own Way” dated as far back as 1853.

Fast forward to 2005 and you notice the first “blip” on the Google radar where MGTOW began to form as a cultural phenomenon in most recent modern society. This increased little by little through 2009-2012 ramping up slightly but the end of 2014 marked an explosion and increase in cultural awareness +150% more than doubling all previous awareness and Google trending to date – within a single calendar month. previously existed as a small static non-member-based website with various references and small amount of materials, and we acquired the domain in March, 2014 – officially launching and opening our doors on April 6th. Elsewhere, certain low-profile MGTOW discussion forums existed, the most-notable officially shutting down 02.2014 just prior to our arrival.

The previous “image” of MGTOW until just recently was not a popular one by any stretch of the imagination. Still very much a subculture of Men who exchange words and compared experiences, but the days of shaming them as social rejects and men without options are now over. The previous misconception that MGTOW are all old, broke, fat, bald, short losers with little dicks who have been rejected by women too many times, and are men without options in the SMP is a blatant LIE.

MGTOW are very much a group which includes young, verile, handsome, ripped, wealthy and tall men with hair who have learned that dating , relationships, cohabitation, even sex and marriage contracts FAIL a cost/benefit analysis….. and this forces detractors to accept that MGTOW are not the problem. Men are doing the “rejecting” now. For too many people, it is utterly inconceivable for a man to say “no”. Try it some time, and watch the female reaction with amazement as they flap their lips with such fervor and sling the most hateful epithets in response to it.

Men are done changing to please and appease women. And possibly for the first time ever, men have adopted a line of thought that sticks a collective middle finger in the face of anyone who gives him the slightest iota of feminist bulls~~~. The rise of MGTOW has only just begun. Enjoy the decline.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Is there such a thing as a MGTOW Primer or MGTOW 101 introduction?

It’s been suggested on many separate occasions that we have some kind of a “MGTOW 101″ as a sort of guided tour of essential materials, and perhaps there COULD be… but there really shouldn’t be. And that’s why we haven’t created one. Yet.

MGTOW is not a “sales pitch”. It’s an individual lifestyle choice.

There’s being taught. And then there’s learning.
And male learning follows it’s own path. It always has.

It’s been said many times that it can take 1/2 a lifetime for a man to de-program himself from decades of social conditioning since the crib, but younger men are waking up and finding themselves self-aware earlier than ever. It’s not unusual anymore for a 21 year-young man to already find himself fed up and looking for answers with other like-minded men curiously wondering what the hell is going on the world – and for him to arrive here relieved it wasn’t all in his imaginings.

The MGHOW materials are presented here at random deliberately in a sort of “hub”, but all of the materials are free flowing unbridled thoughts and collections of experiences from individual free-thinkers separated by different lives and geography… but they don’t consolidate because we want them to. They come together organically and provide the visitor with the ability to make up his own mind – to embrace them enthusiastically , or reject them emphatically. Some are presented as humor. Some as absolutely serious and for the untrained eye, neither is entirely clear. This is GOOD, because it forces the visitor to make up his own mind. If we are to offer any assistance, it would be just to remove the shackles and set him free to explore what he finds relevant to him – and what is not.

We consider the current archives (as a whole) an oustanding collection of some of the best edu-taining MGTOW materials and we encourage the visitor to make up his own mind at his own pace.

Some of it is presented as comedy, and some is serious. In fact, entirely depending on perception, it’s up to the individual visitor to determine either. In the case of comedian Chris Rock (for example), he does a very funny clip on marriage. If you listen to the words, he doesn’t actually say anything “funny”. So you wonder if he is in fact “joking”, or if he is completely serious and the audience is simply laughing. Turns out he was perfectly serious because he recently filed for divorce after 19 years.

First lesson in comedy: We don’t laugh because it’s “funny”. We laugh because it’s TRUE.

“All I am offering you is the truth. Nothing more.”
– The Matrix, 1999

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Why are many of your articles attributed to no one specifically and simply signed "MGTOW"?

Because it doesn’t matter who says it. Only what is said. We do not give detractors the opportunity to deflect the topic with a personal attack back at a critic using very predictable and pre-rehearsed “Shaming Tactics” designed to pull focus off topic as if the criticism is somehow unjustifiable.

When a critic attends an Opera at the MET tonight and slams the performance because they thought it was terrible, nobody would write to the newspaper accusing him of living in his mother’s basement with a tiny little penis. However, when the subject of a criticism is female, the reaction is as if there exists some unspoken 11th commandment which states thou shalt never criticize a female(s) and there will be hell to pay.

That is lunacy.

Sex, age, race, marital status, orientation, etc. play no role in the merit of an argument. By signing it “MGTOW” we are not even communicating that it is a universally accepted opinion by all MGTTOW, it’s merely the stamp/signature/watermark of our website in place of a copyright® notice which we will never claim. You cannot copyright an idea, only the EXPRESSION of the idea. MGTOW is public domain and is “owned’ by no one person in particular. When a specific author/contributor requests attribution, they are given it – as are MGTOW content producers, video authors, and vloggers etc. for their original thoughts and ideas.

Who said it is completely irrelevant.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

You are nothing more than a misogynistic band of sexually-frustrated
entitled nitwits whose barbaric opinions hurt poor, innocent women! - CM

Good evening. And Happy New Year.

If you require clarification on anything please ask us. This kind of approach is silly , infantile and stupid.

Not only is what you said utter nonsense, and we are going to prove it now…. but you also failed to mention specifics. If any (how did you so eloquently put it? Oh yes!) poor, innocent female reader feels “hurt” by typed words she reads on a webpage, then she had best forfeit her internet connection immediately, because she is clearly not ready for it. How the f~~~ would she cope in the real world??? ‘

And more importantly, how do YOU?

You really shouldn’t be carrying on like this in an era where women are pretending they are “strong” and “equal”. You are perpetuating the idea that woman are little children who fall apart at the sight of a conflicting opinion. Moreover, as a courtesy, we have created The MGTOW Women’s Shelter specifically for women to protect their fragile sensibilities and to prevent them from freaking out. So you are going to have a VERY hard time with the accusation of “misogyny” when we provide women with a safe space for them to EXIT to.

Misogyny is the “hatred of women”. If we “hated women” we would not have gone through such great lengths or provide them with a shelter at all. We wouldn’t give a f~~~. Do you have any idea how much work that is? This is a basic and very generous courtesy we extend to women we don’t even know to protect them from themselves – which is more than you extended to us.

Women are in no position to accuse anyone of “misogyny” – ever again.
Men are not required to put up with your inhumane s~~~.

So f~~~ing pull yourself together. You’re not “innocent”. You’re a goddam disgrace. But even in spite of your rude and disgusting approach, we wish you all the best for 2015 and beyond. That’s called being the better man. That was created by men too.

Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

If MGTOW is an individual lifestyle choice, why should I join a group?

We won’t pretend to tell you that you should do anything. The rest of the world is far too busy falling over themselves to dictate what a “real man” should/would do, say and think. But MGTOW point and laugh at that. MGTOW is not a group. It’s a population of individuals. It’s also not a sales pitch. It’s an individual lifestyle choice. Aside from the very broad definition on the about page, any definition and terms beyond that are entirely outlined by you. How awesome is that.

Every +1 MGTOW is -1 man out there being told what he should do. It’s not just a number. It’s not just an email address. Every member represents a new life where a man removes the shackles himself and does whatever the hell he wants – according to his own best interests. Joining is no requirement. It just brings you a step closer to other like-minded men whom you may not otherwise connect with in your every day life.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Are you MRAs? (Men's Rights Activists)

No. This is a very common misconception that anyone who doesn’t appear to embrace or subscribe to a feminist view of the world must somehow automatically be an “MRA”. This came about recently when feminists became less willing to use the term “anti-feminist” and now sling the term MRA around like a frisbee.

Where an MRA will actively pursue a compromise to restore an equilibrium in the hugely anti-male/biased divorce and family court system…. a MGHOW can/will/may take another stance, and is more likely to assume 100% agency in his personal life to protects and preserve his own sovereignty by rejecting cohabitation, and/or refusing to sign a fraudulent marriage contract in the first place. is not associated or affiliated in any way with any entity or other website in the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement).

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way

Congratulations. You are setting back both the men's and women's liberation movement about 60 years.

We are? Thank you so much! That’s amazing, don’t you think? Armies and armies of women, laws, and progression, non-stop picketing, fundraisers, billions of dollars wasted on feminism, financed women’s-only organizations, forcing male football players to wear pink to cure women’s cancers exclusively, endless campaigning, international slutwalks, and battling forward for decades… and you’re telling us a handful of guys at one website set it all back 6 decades?


Because “hope” is not a plan, and we get things done.

So WTF does that tell you? It should tell you feminism is the biggest cultural failure of the last century. That’s what happens when you let women vote on anything other than American Idol. And here’s the best part: We had nothing to do with it. Feminism is a failure all by itself.

But if you insist, we thank you for your outstanding message. Please don’t tell the MRAs. Let them think they are making a difference. Have a pleasant evening.

MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way