Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: 2018.08.20

...the MGTOW "movement"....

MGTOW is not a “movement”.
It’s an individual lifestyle choice.

Feminism is a “movement”. Gay pride is a “movement”. They rely heavily on arranged conferences. Public events and loud, organized parades shutting down traffic. Public meetings. Designated representatives and speakers at the United Nations. Gobs of wasteful state funding. A collective army all loudly marching forward toward a common goal….. requiring mass subscriptions, and indoctrinating children in public schools. Else it fails.

MGTOW thrives without any of that.
It is the polar opposite of a movement.

“Don’t just do something. Stand there.”
– Clint Eastwood ( directing a male lead )

Where is the highest MGTOW concentration on the map?

MGTOW is mostly (but not limited to) Canada, USA, the UK, and Australia. Toronto and surrounding areas is the epicenter. It’s been stated elsewhere in the Manosphere (by well-travelled men including ourselves), Toronto is the worst city in the world if you are a man.

… although it has been confirmed Sweden is a disaster too. Swedish feminazis have a sick desire to ban men’s room urinals because they have a problem when men stand up to urinate. Yes, you read that right. Women who are permitted to vote in Sweden have a problem with men – who construct and provide women with bathrooms, electricity and running water across the world – standing up to pee in urinals built, created and installed by men – in men’s bathrooms.

Imagine having a problem with the way a woman inserts her tampon. Then imagine telling women everywhere you want to make it illegal for her to lift one leg, so you wish to pass a law forcing her to bend over and insert it slowly from behind. That is just a tiny glimpse into the insane, control-freaking mind of your basic feminist. Multiply that for Sweden.

When did MGTOW start?

Our response to this has been editorialized further into it’s own dedicated History of MGTOW page, and includes a video. That should take care of it.

Congratulations. You are setting back both the men's and women's liberation movement about 60 years.

If you say so.

And if that’s true… then that would be quite a stunning accomplishment – virtually exposing feminism as the colossal overly-funded waste that it is. Declaring it the biggest cultural failure of the last century.

What do MGTOW think about marriage?

There are many possible responses to this.

“Is that a proposal? Where’s the ring? Since we’re not even sleeping together, it had better be nice. Minimum 5 carats and UP.”

“Why have a wife? When I can have a LIFE.”

“I don’t believe in divorce.”

“Marriage is for gays.”

Pick one.

What is this red pill / blue pill reference I often hear tell about in the Manospshere?

The Red Pill is direct reference to a scene from the 1999 film “The Matrix” and symbolizes a preference for truth – no matter how painful it may be.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends.
You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland ….
And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

MGTOW can't get a girlfriend.

Finding a woman who will repeatedly nag, annoy and tell you that you’re wrong all the time is one of the easiest things in the world.

Is there such a thing as a MGTOW Primer or MGTOW 101 introduction?

It’s been suggested on many separate occasions that we have some kind of a “MGTOW 101″ as a sort of guided tour of essential materials, and perhaps there COULD be… but there really shouldn’t be. And that’s why we haven’t created one. Yet.

MGTOW doesn’t work as a “pitch”.
It’s an individual lifestyle choice.

There’s being taught. And then there’s learning.
And male learning follows it’s own path. It always has.

It’s been said many times that it can take 1/2 a lifetime for a man to de-program himself from decades of social conditioning since the crib, but younger men are waking up and finding themselves self-aware earlier than ever. It’s not unusual for a 21 year-young man to already find himself fed up and looking for answers with other like-minded men curiously wondering what the hell is going on the world – and to arrive here relieved it wasn’t all in his imaginings.

The MGHOW materials are presented here at random deliberately in a sort of “hub”, but all of the materials are free flowing unbridled thoughts and collections of experiences from individual free-thinkers separated by different lives and geography . . . but they don’t consolidate because we want them to. They come together organically and provide the visitor with the ability to make up his own mind – to embrace them enthusiastically , or reject them emphatically. Some are presented as humor. Some as absolutely serious and for the untrained eye, neither is entirely clear. This is GOOD, because it forces the visitor to make up his own mind. If we are to offer any assistance, it would be just to remove the shackles and set him free to explore what he finds relevant to him – and what is not.

We consider the current archives (as a whole) an oustanding collection of some of the best edu-taining MGTOW materials and we encourage the visitor to make up his own mind at his own pace.

Some of it is presented as comedy, and some is serious. In fact, entirely depending on perception, it’s up to the individual visitor to determine either. In the case of comedian Chris Rock (for example), he does a very funny clip on marriage. If you listen to the words, he doesn’t actually say anything “funny”. So you wonder if he is in fact “joking”, or if he is completely serious and the audience is simply laughing. Turns out he was perfectly serious because he recently filed for divorce after 19 years.

“All I am offering you is the truth. Nothing more.”
– The Matrix, 1999

Are you MRAs? (Men's Rights Activists)

No. This is a very common misconception that anyone who doesn’t appear to embrace or subscribe to a feminist view of the world must somehow automatically be an “MRA”. This came about recently when feminists became less willing to use the term “anti-feminist” and now sling the term “MRA” around like a frisbee.

An MRA will actively pursue and negotiate a compromise to restore an equilibrium in the hugely anti-male-biased divorce and anti-family court system.

A MGHOW can/will/may take another stance by practicing prevention, and he is more likely to assume 100% agency in his personal life to protect and preserve his own sovereignty by rejecting cohabitation, and/or refusing to sign a fraudulent marriage contract in the first place. is not directly associated or affiliated in any way with any entity or other website in the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement).
Think of it as it’s own facet of the Manosphere.

If MGTOW is an individual lifestyle choice, why should I join a group?

We won’t pretend to tell you that you should do anything. The rest of the world is far too busy falling over themselves to dictate what a “real man” should do, say and think . . . but that’s not our style. MGTOW are very keenly aware of words, commandments, and phrasing like “should”, “you must”, “we need to”, and it doesn’t digest very well.

MGTOW is not a group. It’s a population of individuals. It’s also not a sales pitch. It’s an individual lifestyle choice. Aside from the very broad definition on the about page, any definition and terms beyond that are entirely outlined by you. How awesome is that?

Every +1 MGTOW is -1 man out there being told what he should do. It’s not just a number. It’s not just an email address. Every member represents a new life where a man unshackles himself, outlines his own terms and conditions – according to his own best interests. Joining is not a requirement. It just brings you a step closer to other like-minded men whom you may not otherwise connect with in your every day life.

On Personal Responisibility

DATE: 2017-04-12 9:40PM

I’ve watched a lot of MGTOW videos, and the commentaries are accurate, spot-on. However, there’s one facet that is consistently absent from these testimonials: all of these justifiably jaded and disgruntled men actively chose relationships with the women who burned them. Through some level of cost-benefit analysis, the men made actively-intentional and adult decisions to be with these abhorrent women. Why is this personal accountability never mentioned in MGTOW videos? -RLS


It is not a man’s personal responsibility when women grossly misrepresent themselves.
How is it a man’s responsibility when his bride is …. “abhorrent”?

For example, 60% of UK brides use dirty tricks to get engaged. Thats’ nearly two out of three. Nearly half of all paternity tests prove he is not the father – and that number only includes those who are willing to agree to a test.

Who is “personally responsible” here? Are the vast majority of those women prepared to become a single mother, accept personal responsibility for that, and have no problem when her man turns his back on her and walks away? Or would they call him a “deadbeat dad” and demand he pay for their mistakes?

Think about it.
And a very pleasant day to you.

This is a joke, right? I hope for your sake it's a joke.

From: Jane S.
Date: 22.01.2015
Geo Location: Bloomington, Indiana [Indiana University]

This is a joke, right? I hope for your sake it’s a joke.

Do you do interviews?

Thank you for your interest. We have in the past, especially within the MGTOW Sphere. We’re not generally interested in interviewing with gynocentric hive outlets, but for the most part . . .

The best representative of MGTOW is an empty chair.

You talk a load of sh*t.

From: “Bob” (undeliverable return address)
Date: 2016.01.15

You talk a load of s~~~. Spend a year as a woman and you might start to grasp the fact that it is women and girls who are hardest hit in life and have to overcome so much more just to survive. You haven”t got a clue. Females are mentally stronger in general. That is why they can cope with so much s~~~ and keep going and tend not to play the old suicide card on mass. You are so wrong and misguided. Women actually like men and want to be in relationships. That is why they try so hard to look attractive. You haven’t got the foggiest idea how hard it is to be female, especially an ugly female. You want to try life as an ugly woman. You would then know just how hard and lonely life isis and how nasty and cruel men can be. Men definitely have it easier. There is no doubt.

Good evening “Bob”.

How long have you been waltzing through life with this tornado of misinformation in your head?
You didn’t even provide a single specific example of that “load of s~~~” you’re speaking about.

The law already proves you wrong because men are more accountable than women by law.
Men are legally required to pay for women’s mistakes – and woman will expect men to.

Now that’s “a load of s~~~”.

Just get a load of this s~~~. When a woman doesn’t get her way, she cries “sexism” or “abuse” and everyone comes running. When a woman commits paternity fraud on the Maury Povich show, she flops to the floor in a puddle of tears. Get a load of that s~~~. That “load of s~~~” should be arrested on the spot and fined $250K (the cost of raising a child to 18), instead of being coddled like a non-participating victim of her own little scam.

Men are actually able to place themselves in another person’s shoes.
We even take the time to think about it carefully before running our mouths.

For men who are supposedly GTOW, you guys sure do obsess about females a lot. It would seem like they actually still hold a lot of power over you and dominate your thoughts. If you were really going your own way, you wouldn't even care about women or need to cry about the injustices.

From: Zack D. (classic poser “alpha” male)
Geo Location: Texas
Date: 2015.07.30

I respect your philosophy, but you men do not actually practice what you preach. For men who are supposedly GTOW, you guys sure do obsess about females a lot. It would seem like they actually still hold a lot of power over you and dominate your thoughts. It seems that you guys are still concerned with their approval. If you were really going your own way, you wouldn’t even care about women or need to cry about the injustices. All I see is a bunch of whiny, emotional beta male behavior. The irony of trying to free yourself from women, while this entire site is dedicated to discussing them, is just pathetically hilarious. Man up you pussy-whipped boot lickers.

Hello Zack and thanks for contacting. There is a reason why that approach fails, and we will try and dumb it down for you. Telling men they “talk too much about women”…. is like telling someone who lives near a mine field that they talk too much about mines.

In order to navigate the roads successfully, it’s not enough to just be a good driver.
You must also actively practice collision avoidance.

That’s where 80% of your focus needs to be if you wish to remain accident free. You can’t just “go your own way”. You should look in your rear view mirrors once every 8 seconds. Constantly shoulder check for other cars. Look at least 5 car lengths ahead. Keep an eye on the front wheels of cars you are passing in case that moron changes lanes without signaling. You know those double yellow lines you’re not supposed to cross? Well, they’re just PAINT. Another car can cross them and kill you any time it wants. Understanding all of this is the only way to remain accident free, and it even cuts down on your insurance.


That’s ridiculous.

Especially now – in the wake of #meToo – MGTOW requires no further explanation or justification. Women have become a hazard and liability in personal and professional situations, and men are going to talk about it. Loudly.

MGTOW saves men’s lives, futures and fortunes.
You’re welcome.

Do you allow women to join or participate in the MGTOW forums discussions?

No. is exclusively a men’s interest website – for men only. The internet was also created by men (for other men), and it is only by our divine manly grace that women are permitted to use it. To be clear, we do not say women are not permitted to join, or comment, it is intended for men only. An important distinction.

The symbol on a men’s room door is a cartoon man. It’s not a cartoon woman in a skirt with a big red X through her. So if something is pro-male , it’s not open to be re-interprepted as anti-female. This should already be understood, but you would be surprised how many women think they have a “right” to go wherever they want – even when not welcome or invited. This is patently false.

Most importantly, why would anyone want to go where they are not welcome or invited?

What's all this about February 14th not being Valentine's Day anymore?

Men have decided February 14th is now the International Day of Men Going Their Own Way.

Men have always been better than women at Valentine’s Day. Women ruined it with their selfishness. Women are so selfish, they would rather allow a child slave to die in Africa (where diamonds come from) than give up just one of their precious Valentine’s Day gifts and extravagant meals.

Kids have a holiday a lot like Valentine’s Day. It’s called “Christmas”, and kids are allowed to act like little bastards during Christmas because they’re kids. Women have no excuse. They can vote.

According to some commercials you will see on TV, it costs only pennies a day to improve the lives of impoverished African children. Pennies a day is a maximum of four pennies. If it cost five pennies a day to save starving children, then they would just say “a nickel” because that’s shorter to say and the saved commercial air time could be turned into food.

…. divided by four pennies is 343 trillion starving African children. You don’t need to check a globe to know there are less than that many starving African children in Africa. There aren’t even that many starving African children in the whole world. You see the point. That princess you’re buying a puppy for next week is taking a puppy’s worth of meals out of the mouths of kids halfway across the world. And she loves every second of it.

$14 billion dollars was wasted to please and appease women – just so she can get a gift out of obligation and resent – because it says Feb 14th on the calendar. Maybe you already took her out and paid for her meal 30 times in the last 12 months, but if you don’t do it on Feb 14th, she will now behave like you treated her badly. Behavior aside, female selfishness can be broken down and understood just by looking at the numbers:

The average amount a man will spend this year is $145.67
The average amount a woman will spend is $71.62

(Isn’t that called a wage gap?)

Women don’t even know how expensive flowers are. A dozen roses is, like, eighty dollars. Does it make her a whore because it’s over forty bucks? Don’t be absurd. It makes her a whore for accepting them in the first place.

If women were really so packed full of compassion and nurturing, then the most wasteful holiday of the year wouldn’t be dedicated to them. If women were stuffed with any caring at all, Valentine’s Day would be about volunteering at the local homeless shelter. It would be about buying a star and naming it after her….. except, instead of a star, it would be a short bus full of starving African kids.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest waste in history.
But who cares? Women sure don’t. They’re selfish as hell.

Beginning in 2015, Feb. 14th is “International MGTOW Day”.
$14 Billion was wasted on women last year – in just one day.
It’s time Men did something better with that.

Wow. There is so much to address and so little time. First, you are generalizing. Second . . .

From: J. Collier
Date: 2015.02.23
Approximate Geo Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada (figures)

“Wow. There is so much to address and so little time. First, you are generalizing. Second….”

Let’s stop you there. First, you need to learn about generalizations. In order to learn anything about the world, you MUST generalize – providing the generalization is accurate.

On Generalizations

The statement “birds fly” is an accurate generalization – because most birds fly. You don’t attempt to correct it by saying “NOT ALL BIRDS!!” simply because penguins, emus and ostriches don’t. That’s thinking in terms of the lowest common denominator. It’s an infantile deflection away from “most”. Enough™ birds fly to be able to make that generalization with intellectual honesty.

Thinking in terms of the lowest common denominator is intellectually dishonest, and nobody learns anything that way.

For example, when a man honestly observes general female social attitudes and behavior, he is told he is “generalizing” as if he is not permitted to do so. “Stop generalizing women!”. But they don’t really have a problem with the generalization. It’s only when the generalization doesn’t include female worship and adoration that they have a problem with it.

“All women are beautiful, perfect, and they can do no wrong”.

This is a wildly dishonest generalization, but when a man says it on television in front of a largely female audience, he will get an automatic round of applause – even though it couldn’t possibly be true. It’s not even slightly true that women are perfect. No woman will jump out of her seat to correct him with “Stop generalizing women!”. DOVE® (soap) once launched a beauty campaign. When asked, only 2% of women described themselves as “beautiful”. So in their hearts, 98% of women don’t even believe it themselves. It’s pure nonsense.

Generalizations are absolutely essential to learning – providing the generalization is honest and accurate.

Nobody told M.Obama to stop generalizing. This generalization received roaring laughter and applause. And why? Because in a gynocentric culture, generalizations about women are more about how women are PERCEIVED – instead of the way they actually ARE.

Do MGTOW have sex? Or are you all virgins who don't get any.

You know who’s not getting any?
Boyfriends and husbands.

Sex is a worthless commodity that grows on trees. Any man who has enjoyed his fair share would know that. It’s available to any man, anywhere, for less effort, money and time than anyone would have you believe. If it’s that important to a man, he can order it like pizza. Right now. Even if the modern man has only 3 lovers in his entire life, he is enjoying more trim than his own grandfather – who was socially expected to marry her first. The value of western vagina has plummeted to $0.

A significant number of MGTOW are fathers. Guess how that happened.

More importantly, “not getting any” is not exclusive to MGTOW.
It’s not even exclusive to men.

I heard that you stop weddings. What do you charge?

Save a Male and Stop a Wedding™ is an unregistered trademark of

Yes, we have prevented 7 weddings in 4 years. Two of them right in the middle of the ceremony. The groom(s) were shown evidence that their fiancées had recently been at a bachelorette party just prior to the wedding and performed oral sex on a male stripper…. and then paid the stripper and their bar tab with their future husband’s credit card.

We charge a very small % of what the groom would lose in a divorce, which saves him a fortune. In the case of a high-profile example – like Tiger Woods – who’s wife was bad in bed and beat him with a golf club, she made off with 1/4 of a billion dollars. We would have only charged $2.5 million to stop that wedding. That represents a savings for Mr. Woods of $247,500,000. Not too shabby.

Pity we couldn’t get to Kayne West in time.

Can you be married and a MGHOW?

There has been some deliberation on this, but the short answer is “no”.

While it’s certainly possible that a man may have married 20 years ago, and recently became self-aware of the very precarious legal position he finds himself in today . . . this would be the only real way he could consider adopting a MGTOW lifestyle if he were contemplating divorce.

Cohabitation and the signing of a marriage contract eliminates any possibility that he has a true 100% agency over the outcome of his marriage and future. With 72%+ of divorces solely initiated by women (the number is much higher because she can still passively initiate while making it look like his idea) his kids, house, cars, freedom and ultimate destiny no longer belong to him exclusively. No matter how much he wants his marriage to work, he can’t legally control the outcome and can be totally devastated by the divorce. Divorce is a huge, billion-dollar industry deliberately designed to transfer his wealth and freedom to her, leaving him with little or no recourse – even if he were totally faithful and she had 50 affairs since the wedding.

Save a male and stop a wedding™ is an unregistered trademark of

My Girlfriend is Pregnant. What do I do?

Whatever you do, do NOT invite her into the hot tub with champagne to “celebrate”.
This can cause a miscarriage and she could lose the baby!

Repeat: You should not under any circumstances do that.
… as quickly as possible.

– Tom Leykis
( to an anonymous caller )

Why do so many Manosphere / MGTOW writers and authors hide behind a mask?

What is your stance on hiring women?

A penny saved is a woman fired.

Who created the MGTOW logo?

The yellow “men at work / one way” sign visible at the very top/center of the navigation has become the universally-accepted “icon” of MGTOW | Men Going Their Own Way. Unsure of where we first saw it, but many MGTOW on social media have colorized and customized it to instantly identify themselves at a glance in their avatars.

We did not create that graphic but found it to be easily identifiable and very tough to improve upon. We tried many alternative, updated designs and variations, but found ourselves repeatedly reverting back to that one. The letters “MGTOW” have room for play, and we have virtually created dozens of stamps, logos, watermarks, images, wallpapers and signatures incorporating the MGTOW letters into culturally significant signs of the times – from Star Trek-influenced logo to a Universal Pictures type movie trailer – and other easily recognizable “brands” and contexts.

We believe the icon should remain unchanged, although there are limitless ways it can be incorporated into designs – even 3D models – which we have created, built, textured, rendered and animated for upcoming video releases.

The MGTOW letters are presented here and there with different materials, textures and fonts to creatively merge “MGTOW” into various contexts in a creative way without assuming any ownership or absolutely definitive version of what it *should* be. This is actually ideal, because “MGTOW” itself is defined by no one , and has no single owner or leader. The MGTOW community would chew us up and spit us out if we tried to tell them what “MGTOW” should look like…. so it will continually morph itself into the various individual identities that are MGTOW.

Our aim was to make the icon truly iconic.

We are enormously honored that – at no time – was there ever a single objection or pushback to what we have done with it. Other MGTOW have only expressed enormously positive reactions to creative uses which could have just as easily backfired, but every last MGTOW has been very gracious and accepting of our creations. For this, we wish to thank the community most sincerely.

For anyone interested, we will probably post the collection of 10-20 design experiments, but first we would like to create a collection of high-resolution wallpapers for desktop and mobile.

Why are many of your materials attributed to no one specifically?

Because it doesn’t matter who says it. Only what is said.

We do not give detractors the opportunity to deflect the topic with a personal attack back at a critic using very predictable and pre-rehearsed Shaming Tactics designed to pull focus off topic as if the criticism is somehow unjustifiable.

Sex, age, race, marital status, orientation, (etc.) play no role in the merit of an argument.
Almost always, a detractor will try and deflect to make it personal – when it isn’t.

You cannot copyright an idea, only the EXPRESSION of the idea. MGTOW is public domain and is “owned” by no one person in particular. When a specific author (or contributor) requests attribution, they are given it – as are MGTOW content producers, video authors, and vloggers etc. for their original thoughts and ideas.

Ultimately, “who said it” is completely irrelevant.

Have questions? We're currently undergoing site-wide renovations and are extremely focussed on a tight schedule. Estimated completion on or before Sept 1. Our contact page is also bing reworked and will be available again shortly, but you may alternatively direct inquiries to in the mean time. Very big thanks. - MGTOW.COM