107,599 divorces in the UK last year

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    This is an increase of 18.4% from 90,871 in 2018

    Interestingly there were 822 same sex divorces last year, 72% of which were female couples (no surprise there!)


    Doing some investigation there were 242,842 marriages in England and Wales last year. Obviously it is impossible to conclusively work out the percentage of marriages that end in divorce due to lag, but those figures give a divorce rate of 44.3%

    Apparently the average marriage lasts 12.3 years. I wonder how many men would still sign up if they knew that in 12.3 years there was a 44.3% chance of being divorced raped, homeless and on the hook for alimony for the forseable future. A future of living at your parents house with no hope of getting a mortgage while you pay the mortgage on the house your ex wife is living in with Chad.

    “The latest figures come as family lawyers have predicted a “post-lockdown divorce boom” amid warnings the coronavirus pandemic is putting a strain on relationships.

    Advice charity Citizens Advice said divorce guidance searches had risen since April after a drop in visits when lockdown started.

    It said views on its divorce webpage on the first September weekend were up 25% compared with the same date in 2019.”

    Can we see this rate exceed 50% next year due to couples being stuck in the house together due to COVID?

    For women, everything eventually boils down to Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

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