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    Hey guys, I was just looking at pictures from my 20 year high school reunion which I missed. It’s what you think. I can’t believe it’s been that long. All the girls have gotten fat, even the perfect 10 Cynthia Crawfords now look buffaloesque. The guys aren’t faring much better. Receding hairlines are the fashion. Started talking to one hot girl I barely knew from hs about the event and we instantly hit it off. Too bad I’m permanently off the market. Looks like it was a decent event. I totally missed the invitation as well as the realization that it’s been 20 years. Busy living life. They showed videos from high school. Everyone was goofy looking and full of energy. I remember that school as oppressive, once I left I’ve never been back, not even to the town. I guess others really owned it and have better memories.

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