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    When I turned 30, I was still in my medical training and believing isn’t the American Dream. Thankfully, I didn’t get married for a few more years. I think the irrational exuberance of younger people allows them to stay longer in toxic marriages. Being in my 30’s, I somewhat quickly realized things had gone south. State law says I haven’t been married long enough to pay alimony, lose my retirement, or much anything other than CS and fair division of assets.

    A co-worker recently told me, "If you want to see who someone really is, divorce them." I have found out how true this is. When your wife drops the façade of being the caring partner, you will witness all of the greed, hate, and spite that she has masked. It is truly breathtaking!


    When I turned 30 I had already been living the MGTOW lifestyle for years after being totally wrecked by an Oscar award winning actress in college, thankfully before I had much to lose. I’m mid 30’s now, have my house in order and every day gets a little better. Exclusively bang young flirty waitresses who are legal but not in college that know how to smile and shake their hips, total man eaters than think once I get in they’ll get something for it since I lie my ass off and they never get near my property. Traveled all over but love the town I live in and chilling at home with a beer after working on a home project. It’s amazing how much easier it is to pick up girls without spending a dime than my 20’s were, I don’t even use PUA techniques, just my tried and true formula I figured out once I stopped caring about women and wanted to revenge bang everything in sight.

    I’m feeling the biological tug so I’m going to pursue a surrogacy program in the Ukraine and flat out buy myself one or two kids, successful enough I can hire a maid to raise them after the crazy investment growth I realized and cashed out on early this year. Life was already good but it did get better after 30, no doubt.


    I love what you say about a mans life turning sweet and a womans turning rotten at age 30. So true. That is where the tables turn.
    For men, as long as youve made good choices, done something with your life, and didn’t get married or impregnate anyone, life gets good. Your career starts taking off, your finances just keep getting better and better, and you make real progress towards your life goals and aspirations. Your SMV also increases, and you have the time, freedom, and resources to do better with women than you did in your 20s, IF that is what you want to do.
    For women, thats when everything starts falling apart. They get used to men bending over backwards for them, catering to their every whim. They think they are all little mini-celebrities and debutantes. They get cash, gifts, resources, favors, and attention that is almost unfathomable to us men. But then it goes away.
    Suddenly they are left with nothing, except the consequences of their actions. They have bastard children, huge debts from studying abroad and student loans from their useless basket weaving degrees. They have no savings, assets, or investments. Their cars and houses (if they own one) are falling apart, because men will no longer fix them and they cant pay for or fix it themselves. Their bodies are falling apart as well. Their life is truely bleak and meaningless at this point.
    As a pharmacist, i can tell you that there are many more of these women than you think. They are literally invisible to you. If you saw them, you’d think they were happy and old…but you look at their profile, and they are on a ton of psych (and other types of) medications, paid for by welfare, and you are shocked when you see how young they are. They have nothing.
    I just turned 30 last year and will be 31 soon. I am living well. I am slowly getting over my red pill rage, and life is basically a dream for me. I’m making a bunch of money, and when I’m not working i am enjoying every minute of my time and my hobbies. I shoot all the guns i want, play guitars and work on amps with my brother, play video games when i want, eat what i want, sleep when i want.
    No women influence or control my life. I have almost no contact with them, unless i really REALLY need sex. But i need it less every day. I’ve been able to basically completely eliminate them from my life, and I’ve never been happier. I cannot say the same for them, especially the ones my age or older. Life is truly good.
    If you have any young male friends, make sure you show them the way…life sucks for young men these days, but it gets so much better. Most of them have no idea.

    Thanks for the hope. It does suck being young. You don’t know s~~~. When you ask for advice everyone gives you cryptic answers and you have to pull teeth to get anywhere. Your a menace to everyone. Your useless to everyone around you. If you don’t have friends then no one wants to be bothered with you. Its like the odds are against you 100:1. Hopefully i’m figuring some things out so I can come back to this thread when i’m 30.


    I was divorced at 33 years-old. It was then I swallowed the red pill. I. Was in denial for about 10years. I dated a little but my heart was not in it. It was then, around 43 that the red pill began to take effect.

    I decided that I was never going to remarry. I discovered my passion (behavioral health) and I followed it. I am now back in school pursuing a couple of degrees in counseling. I learned how to scuba dive. I carry a fishing pole in my car so I can go fishing on the spur of the moment. I have reduced my expenses and am saving money and building my wealth. I also went to see a counselor, something that guys don’t usually do. I will be a licensed counselor by the time I am 60. Hell, I am just getting started!!

    I really do not think it is becoming a teenager again. That sounds like I am regressing. MGTOW is more like finding out who you really are.

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