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    This afternoon, while on a bike trip to Target, I stopped by my favorite sushi buffet restaurant to see if it’s still there and it looks like the virus pandemic put them out of business. This sucks! That was mine and my best friend’s favorite place to eat and hang out. Great food. When I went there, all there was is construction equipment. I just hope it’s just a renovation, but I don’t think so. It appears my favorite hang out place is gone for good. Now I’m going to have to search for another sushi buffet in the area, if there is any. I haven’t told my friend yet, but I did send him a text saying that I have some sad news for him and for him to call me at home when he can.

    This didn’t make my trip to Target any better, because while there to get 3 things, I was only able to get 1. I can’t get a pack of socks and I can’t get this month’s copy of Men’s Health (no shortage of Obama magazines though). I was only able to get a surge protector. Lastly, after I got home from bike riding, the trip made me almost puke. Why does bike riding make me sick to my stomach these days?


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