Abandoned Rental Cars And Jackets Hung On Railings

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    You won’t hear about it in the news.

    And the reasons are numerous why what is occuring will not be broadcasted.

    But 2020 saw the highest number of Golden Gate Bridge suicides in any year since they have been recording them.

    I’ve got a buddy that is a cop in Northern California and was on the phone with him last night.

    And the numbers are way up. And that is without bodies in most cases since if a jump is not witnessed then the patrol boats don’t get a call to look for and fish out a body.

    But – Abandoned rental cars (some out of state plates) parked in areas near the bridge. Never returned. Towed by the city and claimed by rental car companies that are notified.

    As well as the ominous placement of jackets on the railings at night. Left by those that no longer need to wear them. With the purpose being notification of family members by police since a pocket will always contain a piece of paper with their name on it and a contact number.

    This is only one bridge in a very large country.

    (Note: I used some basic physics knowledge over here to calculate the odds of surviving a jump like that, although with injuries. It’s basically 220 feet to the water. Estimated speed at impact: 64 – 72 mph which would knock anyone unconscious. Followed by drowning)

    2021 and the Biden•20 virus is here.

    And in terms of the economy: Sh*t is going to get real bad.

    I’m not even going to state that the final collapse will be Biden’s fault. It’s been a house of cards with smoke and mirrors for a long time.

    But those that want to destroy America will use Biden (as a catalyst) to do it.

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