Abandoned rental cars and jackets hung on railings(Part 2)

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    I have said many times before that my cousin has been a cop in a large city for 20 years. Here’s another thing he has told me that will NEVER make the news. There was more missing person reports filed in 2020 than ever. He won’t give me the exact numbers but he did tell me these details.
    1. More than 90% of the missing person’s are/were men.
    2. Almost none of the cases have been solved. There is no hard evidence that would indicate that these men are dead or alive.
    3. In the majority of the cases the men took off in their vehicle and the vehicle has NOT been located as of now.
    4. More than half the men LEFT THEIR CELL PHONES BEHIND. Meaning their cell phones were located at the place of residence that they left from.
    All the missing person reports that were filed were filed by their wives, girlfriends, or fiancé. I might add that there has been no bank activity on the accounts that they have checked. That includes no credit card activity.
    I’m thinking the same thing you guys are. These men planned their exit for a long time whether it was to simply disappear or commit suicide. Either way it is the same result. THESE MEN ARE GONE AND THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD. Makes me smile. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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