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    Gentlemen. A couple of minutes of your time please. This is written in a flash, so bare with me.
    Videos, and entire channels (etc) have been mysteriously disappearing recently and we all know why.

    For months, (behind the scenes) we have been working on a do-it-yourself archiving mechanism. That means members will permanently be able to archive a video, audio, link, webpage, article or anything. Logistics have held us back, but we have been doing it manually for some time already – i.e. that deleted video showing women initiating violence. Feminists tried to have it removed – TWICE – and failed. Same with the support video under “judge declares male parental rights GONE”. Also now permanent. And “Black women vs MGTOW”. To name a few…. as well as articles you have asked to have backed up.

    Now, you can imagine the work involved to automate this, but to automate it for members is another story. Just going and getting it and archiving ONE – and extracting it – is at least an hour of effort , including multiple HI-RES HD formats, audio, the text and categorizing. On top of that, we can’t reveal the surprise, but think MUCH bigger – what took us an hour, now takes less than 60 seconds. It’s a massive undertaking. Until now, we have done it manually for relevant essentials. We can’t being to launch this until we make our move to the faster server on Thursday. Then we will be equipped to test the shit out of it in a real world environment. After that (and when we know it’s stable) we will begin to release it to you.

    Furthermore, youtube changed their mechanism a few days ago, so that set us back too. Meaning, where we used to display view counts, we have to hide it for now, because the data is different. So what we had in place working last week, needs to be changed AGAIN. Keeping up with all of this is WORK.

    We can’t keep up with all of the channels and videos that are classics, but we hand pick the ones that exist in our archives for now.

    So…. excluding all the shit that gets made out there, if you see something (or a channel) that is a “MGTOW MUST”, please just post the video ID or channel ID here. – OR send it to us in the contact form with a request to archive it. We already have hundreds and older stuff, but this is mostly for new stuff. We will pull a copy ASAP just to keep it permanently and sort it later. For complete channels, keep it off this page and send the link to the channel using the contact form.

    No need to paste the video full url… just the ID…. like: youtube . com / watch ? v = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    or a link to an article.

    .. or several at a time.

    Just the link or ID please.. and we will do the rest. A minimal title or description would be helpful too. A few words at most – not a conversational thread. This is just to alert us to go get something ASAP. I will delete anything unrelated including surface banter. And once we have it, we will delete it from this threadas a sign to you that we’ve grabbed it. So if your link isn’t still here, it means we have it permanently now, and it will be referenced later.

    Eventually YOU (members) can grow the site yourselves over time and be able to add to the “vault”.
    But first things first.

    Links to relevant shit you post here will be emailed me (in a notification) and we will have the receipt right away. If you want you can just just post it.,… then edit your post and type some shit like “sent”. Then save your post again. This way , lurkers will only see the “sent” part and then by the time they try to have youtube deleted it, we will have it already.

    No wordy replies to this please. This is just a relevant MGTOW content “funnel” available to you if you want a way to keep stuff – or help ensure nobody else can delete it – for now. As a way of saying “Keymaster, MGTOW.COM should archive this”.

    A thousand thanks.

    If you keep doing what you've always done... you're gonna keep getting what you always got.

    J.D Silvernail

    Hey Keymaster! Please take the time to check out my topic “The Real Rape Culture” and I would appreciate it if you put the content from it in the archives(including the responses). Thank you for all you do.

    I'm married to the game,but she broke her vows.



    Hi JD. Everything in the forums that is at least 24 hours old is forever permanent. We back it up in 3 locations at least once daily and archive a weekly copy. It will never be “lost”. Worst that can happen is some unforeseen disaster and the most we will lose is 24 hours. But if it’s been here one day, it’s here to stay.

    This archiving mechanism is for external links and shit we can’t control, controversial stuff that upsets the fems etc.

    Thank you for all you do.

    It’s my pleasure. Nice to see you back.

    If you keep doing what you've always done... you're gonna keep getting what you always got.


    FYI we have our upload solution in place for immediate needs for archiving. We are testing it and it’s by request only for now, so use the contact form if you want to try it out like sending in a big video or something. Tonight it’s too late, but another time. It will be made available to members on a permanent basis probably in the next week or so. We just want to experiment with a few audio / video files of different formats while we watch it live and supervise the process for automatic sorting based on file types. We don’t require your assistance to test it out, but it’s available if you want it.

    If you keep doing what you've always done... you're gonna keep getting what you always got.


    Ooh good one from Crazy Canuck. Grabbed it. Thank you.

    As well… BadKan’s page is now local here:

    Thank you gents.

    If you keep doing what you've always done... you're gonna keep getting what you always got.


    Is She A Crazy Bitch?

    Love to see this article archived.  Was a wake up call to me that abuse is not just physical and women do it particularly well.

    Never fuck a crazy chick.



    Gone Surfing

    Great documentary 75 minute long about deconstructing feminism. A must watch for all new mgtow.


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