Are Blue Pillers Faking It (A Life of Quiet Desperation)?

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    Before the internet existed, men were unable to anonymously exchange notes among each other and discuss how truly awful relations~~~~ and married life truly was. Internet forums such as this have now opened the floodgates to exposing the sham that women in tandem with the gynocentric system has over the institution of marriage. But just as important, this forum exposes the day-to-day misery of a married man’s life of QUIET DESPERATION.

    As I pass through a typical suburban neighborhood, I see countless blue pilled men with goofy looking smiles on their faces, wiping the sweat off their brow while they diligently fulfill their around the clock resident “man duties” for pumpkin without any push back, while they exude the whole “happy wife, happy life” attitude. These duties on behalf of pumpkin can include:
    * Working away on the front yard
    * Doing miscellaneous repair work on the house and car
    * Taking care of the kids
    * Commuting in hours of traffic to a pointless office job to make more money so they can buy their pumpkin more s~~~ she doesn’t need
    * Dealing with the in-laws

    Of course all of it will likely count for nothing once Mrs. pumpkin decides Mr. blue piller has either served his useful purpose or is no longer deemed adequate enough to serve at her behest. At that point, Pumpkin will complain she’s “not happy” and hit him with divorce papers or make one phone call to the police and have him dragged off in hand cuffs.

    Now, this leaves me to wonder … How many of your typical blue pilled men are secretly living lives of QUIET DESPERATION? That is, are they ‘faking’ it and secretly regretting every damn minute of married suburban life while they slowly die inside or do they actually believe their married life is bliss and they are living in their own little utopia?


    "I'm the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married, and their wives—they don't want them playing with me. I'm like the escaped slave—I bring news of freedom." ~ Bill Maher

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