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    Front f~~~in page of
    Broadly advertising the victimhood of all females and insinuating every man is a monster. Disgusted by this

    If I knew how to upload pictures, I would.

    "If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run,"

    Gone Surfing
    Gone Surfing

    Some news for you ladies is that men find themselves in situations that they feel vulnerable and afraid too. It isn’t a women only right.

    If i find myself in a situation where there are a group of drunken blokes about i become wary because drunk people are unpredictable, maybe this is because i have been previously attacked in the street by a group of drunken strangers without provocation (in fact they asked me the time and when i looked at my watch me they jumped me just for their amusement).

    Take heart ladies everyone gets scared occasionally and remember it’s men who are more likely to be attacked than women.


    Hey Fitz.. if you want to add a picture from a remote site just us this little code snippet, with the full address of the image in between quotes… and it will show up here as a picture

    <img src="http://thefulladdressoftheimagefile.jpg" />

    Here is an example using a picture from your article:

    <img src="" width="480"/>

    Which will show up like this (note the width is specified too):

    And in response, this fear mongering s~~~ is out of control. To pretend women are walking around as perpetual victims all the time it’s f~~~ing disgusting. I don’t withdraw cash at an ATM at night, not because I am “fearful of men”… but because I am not a f~~~ing idiot. I don’t leave my iPad on the dash of my car for the same reason. But a woman would… and when it gets stolen or she gets her windshield smashed, she says “TEACH MEN NOT TO STEAL!!!!”. NO honey, teach women not to leave their f~~~ing iPads on the dash of their cars – and the probablility of theft is reduced BY YOU. Try and use your “brains”, ladies. Accept SOME goddam responsibility for that, and realize that men don’t go for pleasure walks at night through the woods either.

    When a man leaves his valuables on his dash and it gets ripped off, he blames HIMSELF.
    He says “how could I be so f~~~ing stupid!”

    When a woman does the same thing… she doesn’t kick herself for it , or learn a lesson in taking some personal responsibility for anything.

    She just blames a MAN.

    When men do bad s~~~, the guy PAYS. Eventually he pays. Women just waltz through life oblivious to reality and when they Lindsay Lohan (or Paris Hilton) their way into court for driving without a license, they CRY when they are sentenced. Boo f~~~ing hoo. They actually have the nerve to behave like victims when they are the perpetrator.

    If you keep doing what you've always done... you're gonna keep getting what you always got.

    They actually have the nerve to behave like victims when they are the perpetrator.


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