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    Colin Combover in a Coma
    Colin Combover in a Coma

    “She is a failed organism that must be allowed to perish”

    Exactly Collin. You can use whatever ever I write, I don’t care. She “IS” a failed organism which should be allowed to perish. I’ll put it in a way you relate to; under God’s natural laws of the Savannah, why on Earth is that helpless creature being helped. It should be fed to the hyenas, It’s the Circle of Life!

    If you cant walk or bathe yourself, it’s usually because you’re old. Usually you have health insurance and nurses to cover your ass. But she is not old, she was a false-start organism which we should have pulled the plug.

    I’d be begging people for their help and apologizing at the same time, not screaming and cussing them.

    Precisely. Ever noticed that women have no humility at all. They’re always in that way and unapologetic about being a giant inconvenience to everyone.

    Thank you muchly.


    Thanks for thinking of me bro . Around a month ago i was sitting with the old blokes and the duscussion was about how many landwhales are getting around with obese children .

    The amount of woman that cant cook is mind blowing . When my kids were living with me sometimes i would feed 6 or 8 kids . Those kids now are in there teens and remember . There were two kids there mother was one of the most evilist f~~~ing woman . She died recently exactly as i told her many years ago . Criminal and a child abuser . A religous dude tried painting her in good light . One of her kids refused to drink anything but coke teeth were f~~~ed .

    One lot of woman were having swingers parties with there kids in the homes .

    How f~~~ing stupid have humans become that they can’t and don’t want to be responsible for what they put in there f~~~ing mouths . They are creating a land whale industry just like the dv industry .

    Funny c~~~ mickey . Lol . Landwhale hyper drive .


    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    She is going to crack the motor-mount on that 49cc. No joke, seen it happen. That scooter is basically going to snap in two pieces because the entire engine and back wheel is held on by two bolts.

    One bolt is the motor-mount attached to the frame with a max weight tolerance of .65 Landwhale. The other is a Chinese rear-shock bolt which is totally squished, I’m surprised the seat is not skimming the rear wheel.

    That video shows a scooter is in it’s final moments. Rest in Pieces lil’ Chinsey 49cc, I took my hat off and observed silence.

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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