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    Pumpkin: But but but … Where is this going!? (Followed by: hysterical crying, whining, pouting and emotional breakdown)

    Me: Why does it have to go anywhere?

    Over the years I have had experiences very similar to the one above with numerous women that I have been out with; rinse and repeat.

    Call me weird but I’ve always found it strange that women project an expectation and even downright sense of entitlement that when you interact with them, especially after they reach a certain age it has to ‘go somewhere’.

    Often, I don’t think they even know where they want the railcar to go so to speak, or what destination it’s supposed to stop at. Just as long as it takes off from the station and is going in some direction.

    When a relationship is moving in what they perceive to be forward it is celebrated by pumpkin and her hive. Women often demand this reassurance early on. It’s just always got to be progressing along in some direction for her to be temporarily happy.

    I find this line of thinking from women to be perplexing. Mainly because, once pumpkin gets on a railcar that is moving forward and building momentum she feels as if she is somehow accomplishing something even though often the relationship and commitment she gets will lead to dissatisfied, neurotic and dysfunctional co-dependence that leaves one or both parties miserable and will more than likely fall apart and makes a total mess out of both parties lives. But due to women’s lack of foresight, they don’t seem to care or even consider how the long run will play out. Just as long as it’s “going somewhere”.

    Gentlemen, what went through your head when a woman asked you, “but where is this going…”?


    "I'm the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married, and their wives—they don't want them playing with me. I'm like the escaped slave—I bring news of freedom." ~ Bill Maher

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