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    Eric Lauder
    Eric Lauder

    Already covered, in Italian
    8 Marzo 2019: Alessandro Strumia licenziato per le sue idee. Un nuovo Galilei?

    Strumia should move in Russia.
    NOW, or even yesterday.

    I also said that the (female) director of CERN is good just only for researchs about feelings.

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    Wizard’s Pupil writes: That was the price he paid for being too Naive and Trusting of J.P. Morgan and “The Lords of Capitalism.”

    I find the adolation of Tesla we see today surprising; Tesla’s MAJOR contribution was the invention of the brushless AC motor, for which he certainly deserves credit.

    Wardenclyffe tower didn’t work, and couldn’t work. This was NOT due to a lack of funding. It was due to science; the standing waves he wished to generate, could not be generated. Firstly, because electromagnetic waves or current traveling through the earth dissipates significantly. Secondly, they would scatter. Finally, the waves are transverse, not longitudinal. As for transmission of energy through the air, all that must really be said is ‘inverse square law’. The power dies off as the square of distance. Tesla knew that, but believed he could produce standing waves.

    It makes little sense to build a gigantic tower when a technology hasn’t been proved on a smaller scale.

    That is why nobody has tried to duplicate it except one company. Though you will get to see if it works soon as http://vizivtechnologies.com/technology/ and https://texashillcountry.com/mysterious-tesla-tower-texas/ — though they are trying to transmit surface waves — not through-earth waves or through air radio signals.

    The FIU bridge failure is also a fascinating tragedy — Obama grant money spent on a flashy bridge costing multiples of what a simple, evenly spaced truss structure would have cost. It was even adorned to APPEAR like a cable-stayed bridge. Everything was about APPEARANCE, not function; a simple box truss on both sides would have afforded structural redundnacy AND cost less than half as much.


    Everything was about APPEARANCE, not function; a simple box truss on both sides would have afforded structural redundnacy AND cost less than half as much.

    I rather like design. But if anyone thinks that bridge looked good? Or even original? Beer goggles maybe?

    I would just like to point one thing out. We got bridges made of f~~~ing ROPE and WOOD. Some of them are still around for 100’s of years and still used today.

    I’m not trying to be a dick. But I am one. Kids could have built it with lego’s and it would have still lasted longer, been cheaper, had more visual flair, and at the same time, if it had any weakness, only PARTS of the structure would “Collapse”.

    The fact that they could of made the whole thing in Tempered glass and it would still be there shows you just how horrible this design was.

    It reminds me of women today. Lots of Filler, and a real killer.

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    Puffin Stuff
    Puffin Stuff

    Kids could have built it with lego’s

    My son’s childhood love of lego’s swayed me to recommend he study engineering. He loves it.

    #icethemout; Remember Thomas Ball. He died for your children.

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