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    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    Ya boyz, totally hit Redbox on the way home and pickup Booksmart! Olivia Wilde’s ( directorial debut film starring some chick and another one too!

    What drew me to post this, is that I saw the movie poster. Seen below. And it immediately struck me in a sort of Loathe the Living Hell out of it sort of way LOL.

    But honestly, I watched the trailer and I had to laugh! Some of the one liners got me. I admit I chuckled briefly. Looks to be a quarky lesbian film made by Olivia Wilde, a privileged woman lucky to have a nice body and face who ended up as a super star and can now afford to start directing cash grab teenie bopper films. Jesus h christ… not saying she is a bad director at all, for all I know she is decent and this a great film. Just saying, she would never be directing a film had it not been for being a hot woman… (look at Helan Hunt, directed two feature length films, both utter sh!t).

    I could probably make a better film than either of these rich c.unts. I just dont have 6 million dollars and a soft landing cushion no matter how bad it turns out. Because we all know, if Olivia’s film had bombed, she’s a New Yorker woman who can do no wrong. Automatic A+

    I think I might watch this one though, if only to masturbate vigorously to that fat girl. Coincidentally Jonah Hill’s sister LOL. Elizabeth Greer “Beanie” Feldstein (born June 24, 1993) was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of a costume designer a tour accountant for Guns N’ Roses. I was about to remark on her privelige too but it looks like they are just 1st Gen Rich, not fabulously decades old wealthy… Yes Im jealous, haters got to hate…

    Its cheap rental movie night for all the TRASH I refuse to pay theatre prices for.


    Not my cup of tea. But admittedly, I spent about 6 years watching movies just about every single day and catching up on films and being a film snob for a while.

    The Cinema is just s~~~ today. There are a FEW good places. But with the quality of company? Meh, I’ll pass.

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this.


    Just get all your new-release movies free at home with a streaming box.
    Guilt-free movie watching pleasure.
    If the movie sucks, you just turn it off and watch another one.
    No worries about being baited into watching a feminist movie or a generally s~~~ty movie.
    If you want to support a particular cause, actor, director, studio or whatever, go watch that one and smuggle in your snacks.

    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    I actually rented it and watched it an hour ago. I actually liked it for what it is. And for what it is, its an A+ classy lil teen film about the last big hoorah before college starts.

    It was just fine all around. Wilde directed it well. The writing, wardrobes and audio is fine. Sort of pleasantly surprised actually. Id even watch it again, granted I was not totally enveloped all the way thru.

    I did not give proper justice to this funny little film. Salute to Olivia Wilde and them young broads for making a good movie.

    Its sort of like Old School, but for girls. Meant in a positive light

    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    Booksmart was certainly better than MIB International so take that how you will! I rescind the disrespectful stuff I said about Wilde and Feldstein. They did a fine job.

    Helan Hunt’s movies actually do suck though LOL!

    Now its time for John Wick 3

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