Could there be something more sinister behind women's behavior

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    Branched off
    Branched off

    Dom, its good to see you back. Its good of you to come back and let us know it didn’t work out. Sure the boys will have a chuckle but really we are glad to see you. It takes courage to come back and say you were wrong.

    There are lots of ways to be a MGHOW. You don’t have to stay in your mother’s basement, playing computer games and jerking off to porn all day. You do have to realise marriage is such a bad deal it must be avoided and you do have to recognise there are no unicorns. Women are as imperfect as men are but they are differently imperfect and this can work very badly for men if they are not careful because men are programmed to white knight. It helps not to buy into notions othat being “Alpha enough” will mean the laws of human nature and the cuck state will nto apply to your situation. That’s about it.

    It does occur to me you might just be having a laugh with us all along but lets assume not. Welcome back, don’t leave it so long next time.

    A woman is like fire -fun to play with, can warm you through and cook your food, needs constant feeding, can burn you and consume all you own

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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