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    Oral fixation in adults, needing oral stimulation.

    Alcohol abuse
    Smoking cigarettes
    Pica (the consumption of ice, dirt, soap, paper, nail biting)
    Covering the Mouth with a garment or mask

    My theory is that women in masse are wearing covid masks because of the current abysmal state of female Sexual Marketplace Value. By wearing the Mask, a sort of oral stimulation and psychological comfort displaces overwhelming regret and personal shame that women carry because their vaginas are very loose after 100s of sexual partners. They regret their whoredom and seek to be born-again Virgins who have never sucked off thousands of wieners. Putting the mask on, helps them feel better about being whores. Sort of like when an ostrich sticks its head in the sand.

    Im glad I could enlighten you with a very acute understanding of mass psychology. Its important you understand whats going on.

    Its coming, just like we predicted back in the very beginning, the Mask Oral Fixation will evolve into a new Women’s Fashion where Mid-East MUSLIME burkas and sh!t will begin to be worn by Western women. They will also start wearing long dresses and again, and Turtle Necks will make a comeback for the first time in 25 years.

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