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    Hi all

    Been a while since I’ve posted, but something came up that has inspired me to write.

    So I had a visit from my Dad yesterday, and the big news was that he and my mother are officially separating.
    Classic “Grey Haired Divorce” situation here.

    It doesn’t came as too much of a surprise really, I am not too shocked.
    They haven’t been getting along for several years now, pretty much as soon as Dad retired and was spending more time at home; they would deliberately bait each other to start arguments at every opportunity.

    The main problem for me is it changes the family dynamic quite a bit, as we don’t know where everyone is going to end up living.
    Plus I’ll be committed to help move and use my place as temporary storage; a slight inconvenience.

    Anyway, Dad says it’s mainly about disagreements over religion (he is a proclaimed atheist these days, where as Mum has always been quite religious), but I’m pretty sure it is about the money.

    I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with Dad.
    But I have to acknowledge he has been a reasonably good role model, and has helped me a lot over the years.
    He had a steady job, provided a stable environment for my siblings and I to grow up.
    He had some side businesses to bring in extra money.
    Even now, he helps me out with some home maintenance, and to pass on valuable practical and life skills.

    Dad seems realistic about his future.
    Planning on down-sizing and/or going “off the grid”.
    I wish I could join him actually, but because of my son I am trapped in The Matrix for at least another 10 years or so…

    So, yeah, I’m happy for him that he is able to go his own way now.
    I wish him all the best.



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