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    A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. From filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer in this riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice.

    For those of you movie fans who liked Noah, Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler, I’m not sure you will like this.

    More misandrist s~~~.

    F~~~ me Darren what was that? Black Swan was bad enough, especially the ending, but this? I’ve never been so f~~~ing irritated watching a movie.

    Apparently the woman represents mother earth and is about Adam and Eve and extremely biblical. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but this movie is contrived bulls~~~ with no plot or real meaning. Would love to get an opinion from you Christian guys about this mess. Holy s~~~. (No pun intended.) But that would mean watching this f~~~ing mess.

    If you are interested, heres the link to watch the movie:



    Nope. Not enough booze in the world for Darren’s works. All his stuff is supposed to be watched while high. Not into shooting up.

    Don't stick your dick into anyone you aren't willing to put up with for eighteen years and nine months.


    Nope. Not enough booze in the world for Darren’s works. All his stuff is supposed to be watched while high. Not into shooting up.

    Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler are great.

    But when a movie intends to be highly metaphorical and symbolic, its purpose is still to be entertaining. Mother! wasn’t. At all.


    I was laughing my ass off at Edd Harris’s s~~~ acting hahahaha. F~~~ he was funny. Forced as f~~~. Lol.


    UGHHHHHHHHH, Look how Michelle Pfieffer looks now:

    Secret Agent MGTOW
    Secret Agent MGTOW

    Another movie to keep men on the gyno plantation through blame shifting and guilt shaming.

    Women lie; they do not like it that often the truth hurts. #shecanthandlethetruth


    DYD, an odd question just occurred to me and I hope you don’t mind answering it.

    You’re a film maker and cinematographer among other things. That means you’re intimately aware of the physical “process”, the “nuts & bolts”, of how a film is put together.

    When you watch a film, do you find yourself “distracted” by the technical aspects of what you’re seeing? I mean, do you find yourself watching a scene and thinking of things like “The composition they used there was a poor choice. They should have done X instead”?

    I’ve acquaintances who are musicians, painters, and other creative types like yourself. They tell me it hard sometimes to “turn off” their “technical” knowledge and stop reflexively “dismantling” the media they’re watching or listening to.

    I’ve experienced something similar with regards to engineering. Once, I was eating at an outdoor BBQ joint near a chemical plant when one of my party remarked on what a confusing jumble it was. I remarked it really wasn’t and proceeded to trace and identify the various systems and components. Another example occurred aboard a preserved battleship my then preteen nephews were touring. We got to a combined boiler/engineroom and I began identifying and explaining everything to them. A scout group was also there – the museum allows youth groups to sleep aboard – and enjoyed my tour guide routine so much that the adult leaders thanked me.

    #ICETHEMOUT Do not date. Do not impregnate. Do not co-habitate. Above all, do not marry. Reclaim and never again surrender your personal sovereignty.


    Hey Bill, great question.

    Yes, I do think technically while watching every movie. It can be rally annoying. I have been known to voice my cynical sting while watching something with someone else. While I watched Mother! I could hear chains and water running in the background here and there, placed annoyingly by the director to signify s~~~ I really didn’t give a f~~~ about. It was just irritating. The acting was so contrived and the reactions and decision making of the characters was so s~~~ and out of place. Real people don’t act like that.

    The camera work was your typical hand held Arri Alexa shooting, following the dumb bitch around the house doing meaningless s~~~.

    Slider shots are annoying. Thats a long piece of metal/plastic put onto a tripod or two, used as a cheap dolly effect, and you attach the camera on top, sliding it left to right, forward or backwards, up or down, depending on how you set it up. Way too many c~~~s over use these shots.

    I also despise certain colour graded films. And directors who use very bland atheistically non pleasing, over polished lenses, like that dickhead Christopher Nolan.You will never see this c~~~ not use a Red camera or film in IMAX. Theres no way in hell I’m paying £5 extra at the cinema to see a s~~~ film with a 10% noticeable audio and visual quality upgrade.

    ‘Filmed in IMAX’. Who gives a s~~~. If your movie is dog s~~~, get f~~~ed.


    Also I’m sick of drone footage.


    DYD, thanks for your nicely detailed answer!

    Like so many other things, I guess it’s a case of “The more you know, the less you enjoy”.

    #ICETHEMOUT Do not date. Do not impregnate. Do not co-habitate. Above all, do not marry. Reclaim and never again surrender your personal sovereignty.


    I guess so. You’re welcome.


    I am travelling back in time and have landed in the page 21 / 5 thread down /12 answerer .

    Got the wrong year


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