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    Freedom at last – ( she wouldn’t agree to seperate after 2 years, so had to wait for 5 years of seperation )

    11 months after that date, I have the “Decree Absolute” and the “Financial Split” which you need as well now to stop her coming back at you decades later for more money.

    Thanks for all the information on here which helped acheive this.

    1. Wound down my firm ( one man band ) stopped working all together – “so no more income anymore”.

    2. Last three years – Became a carer to my mum ( she’s 84 ) – I get £3000.00 a year which I give to my wife to look after our daughter.

    3. Took early retirement ( 56 ) withdrew 25% cash tax free, and transfered the rest to an annuity company who pay it back ever quarter for the next 20 years ( Couldn’t be seized – can only be seen as income )

    4. We have both kept what we brought to the marriage – “Financial Split” I have agreed to keep sending the £3000.00 I get for looking after my mum to her till our daughter is 16 or 21 if she goes onto university. So while my mum is alive it’s not costing me anything.

    Made my money from property before I got married, and kept it after I’m divorced – but never again this could have been so much worse !!!

    I married a Russian women who came to live in the UK. Her mother came to stay for 6 months ( 3 months before our daughter was born ) two days before my mother-in-law had to leave the UK ( Visa ended ) my wife served papers on me stopping me returning to my own house for a year.
    I have not seen my daughter since she was 3 months old – too dangerous to be involved.
    She may contact me when she is an adult and not under the control of her mother – but what type of a daughter she will be, being broght up by a single mother I don’t know.

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