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    So basically a guy pierced a condom and left the pin and pierced condoms in a drawer that his girlfriend found. He was just hoping the condom would split so he would get more intimacy.

    He got 4 years in jail, a rape conviction and he will be on the sex offenders’ register and so will never get a proper job again all for craving intimacy. Was she worth it? What do we think he thinks about that now gents?

    This might be some kind of fraud? but it is certainly not rape -at least it wasn’t last time I looked but things are ever changing on the road to making anything sexual that women do not like rape.

    What about all the women who admit they did not actually forget to take their birth control pills but did it on purpose? Are they in jail for rape? Or are they bragging about it and getting applause from audiences on day time TV?

    This is the way the world is loaded against us gents.

    A woman is like fire -fun to play with, can warm you through and cook your food, needs constant feeding, can burn you and consume all you own

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