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    Or she could just be psyching you out to make you nervous and suspicious of her.

    Two Time Winner
    Two Time Winner

    Nothing new came up in the deposition yesterday. My attorney questioned her for almost five hours and caught her in several lies, she completely fabricated her schedule of expenses. She is back to asking for spousal support again, she changes what she is asking for every week.

    She started out nice, an hour later went to bitch mode, after three hours she started whining about how she was tired and needed to stop.

    She had a new attorney after paying the old one $20,000 to do nothing. Her attorney made a sarcastic remark to me about my 2nd job delivering pizza. I told him I didn’t need any smart ass comments from him and since I was not testifying he should not speak to me. This morning she asked me why I yelled at her attorney. Still up to her old shaming techniques. And she called me “sweetheart” again.

    Court date was 11/08/17 but she is going to ask for a delay and they scheduled my deposition for that day. I think she likes the drama and wants this to take as long as possible. She filed in March and after 6 months we are no closer to settlement than when we started. What a bitch.


    I ain't got a wife to spend my money, I have to do that all by myself.



    Hang in there, my friend.

    The s~~~ you are tasting right now will be followed with more s~~~ sprinkled with copious amounts of puke.

    It is a rough and very bumpy ride. There are road blocks, spike strips, and treacherous drop offs. The view to your paradise island cove destination will come soon enough, so be patient.

    Show no anger or negative emotions towards her.

    Once you reach the beach and realize the surf is up… s~~~, life will have just started for you again. All the crap you are eating right now will make that day that much more glorious.

    Stay positive! Be patient! Your day is coming.


    I didn’t know what was waiting for me. Got a hug and kiss when I left for work and a few minutes after I got home the cops showed up.
    Be careful my friend, she is planning something. Protect yourself as always


    My guess would be she is being sarcastic. However, a good dose of caution is needed. You are living with someone who has no reason not to accuse you of DV and land you in jail.

    My STBxW started being nice to me a few weeks ago. This past week I get a letter from her stating how much she still loves me and that we can work through this. Then I get a phone call in the middle of the night, was worried it was an emergency regarding our child, where she persisted in calling me ‘baby’ and saying we were soul mates. I had to just hang up on her. She then sent me an email continuing her diatribe. I think she is entering the bargaining phase of dealing with grief. Perhaps your STBxW is as well.

    Back to the previous point, I don’t live in our house because of the threat of physical violence against me. I asked my lawyer about being accused of abandoning the residence. He said that since I only live a few minutes away and I pay all the bills and mortgage, it’s not abandonment in my state.

    A co-worker recently told me, "If you want to see who someone really is, divorce them." I have found out how true this is. When your wife drops the façade of being the caring partner, you will witness all of the greed, hate, and spite that she has masked. It is truly breathtaking!


    Don’t trust it. Don’t respond to it. Maybe record a conversation where you ask her directly what she is trying to do in private. Address it explicitly in a text so there is a record. Send the text to your lawyer for approval first. I agree that she might be recording her conversations to try to show that she is sweet to you while you are cold towards her. Establishing “Emotional abuse” on her kind soul. Be careful. I was deeply shocked to learn the extremes of planning my wife went to to “trap” me before finally just attacking me and pressing charges for DV and violence against a minor(police dismissed all charges). Machiavelliette. You should sleep in the shed or on a friend’s couch. Get the f~~~ out of there. GTFO! Always bring a buddy witness when you are around her. I was lucky.
    -Women are generally good at two things. Lying and f~~~ing. Tattoo that on the inside of your eyelids for safety.

    Beer & BBQ

    Point Of No Return
    Point Of No Return

    I went through nine weeks of cohabitation with my ex-wife. Scary as hell, this thread brought back bad memories. I’m being pressed now like never before to get the divorce file finalised. Where do I make the time to meet or talk with the lawyer if I have a regular job? I can’t stand not knowing what money pressures lie ahead as a result of the vagina wanting to get her way. Some days I wish she’d just croak.

    Know when it is your duty to give them zero explanations for your actions.

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