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    Upon thumbing through a few online documents, I happened upon a few stories that had like titles, but dates that ranged YEARS apart, with only a few facts being changed. The story is of the ‘cruelty’ of a groom, divorcing his bride, days after their wedding b/c ‘he seen her without make up’.
    In further reading, I find that the story is the same, just the nationality of the man changes. It’s the same story being peddled over and over, with details in regards to specific names of the couples being left out. As if to stretch the lie out further, I noticed the urge to use the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy, in which a doctor, physician, psychiatrist,etc.. is named, stating they are tending to the ‘victim’ or bride.

    It’s a pretty s~~~ty hand when women start to realize that men are right, or that they have simply opted-out altogether, and instead of trying to fix the heart of the issue, one turns to hamster logic and lies to drown out the screaming voice that is your own guilt eating away at your very soul.

    Ghana Article
    Emirati Article
    Arabic Article
    Algerian Article

    2 Things. This goes far beyond and unintentional misinformed article. This is spread throughout time and not geographically isolated. So it is essentially a war of MISINFORMATION. Second thing, and we already knew this, but going abroad to find a woman? Well, clearly that’s not going to help.

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