Divorce rate in American is Complicated

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    This article tries to dispel the myth that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. They are trying to say that it’s almost impossible to know and that maybe you should redefine a successful marriage as one that lasts say 30 years before you get divorced.

    What a shameful article. Just another attempt to hide the fact that a marriage contract is a s~~~ deal for a guy and he should never sign one. Yeah, let’s redefine a “successful” marriage contract as one that lasts for 30 years before you split up the assets you worked for with the ex. A successful marriage contract involves the man working his ass off from 25-55 for Judy and the kids, all the while being told that he’s not good enough. He’s maybe the real father of one of the three kids. Then at 55 she cleans him out and he pays alimony for the rest of his life while she retires on half his s~~~ plus the future pension payment from him. Never mind the fact that the alimony payment assumes that he never stops working, because nobody gives a f~~~ if he ever stops working.

    I know whose selling this bulls~~~. I’m just hoping it’s getting harder and harder to find customers.

    We all get what we tolerate

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