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    As related to the Chris Watts murder case in 2018

    Disclaimer: It must be stated first that Chris Watt’s actions related to killing his two daughters was horrific and evil. His psychological pathology was never diagnosed since he took a plea bargain before undergoing a pre-trial psychiatric evaluation. In my opinion, he is devoid of a conscience and was in fact a sociopath that was hiding amidst what appeared to be a happy marriage and life.

    Then he was triggered and snapped.

    And the trigger was: Shanann Watts

    I finished reading another book related to the case today. I’ve read a total of four books on the case. All by authors that were very objective and researched the entire background to the situation.

    Chris was prone to ultimately behaving the way he did but his circumstances made what occurred while married with children, inevitable.


    Shanann drove them into bankruptcy two years before the murders. Chapter 7. Then weeks prior to the murders, it became apparent that her bipolar induced spending habits had pushed them back into insolvency.

    Reports stated that Chris made $62,000 a year before taxes working for Andarko (gas company) and that Shanann had rose to the top of her pyramid scheme based business “Thrive” and was making over $80,000 a year: BUT the fact is that she was only making $32,000 a year as an independent sales rep for “Thrive” and that was before taxes and all of her business expenses.

    Continuing. . .

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