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    I just got back from a meeting with an attorney and I must say I have never been so discouraged. I got divorced years ago and my attorney said I could dump 30k and end up with a 10% chance of getting 50/50 custody of my daughters. Now that I have rebuilt myself financially I decided it is worth the money to be more than a visitor in their lives and my youngest is asking for more time. So, I was informed today that unless she has needles sticking out of her arm no judge on earth will allow a “major” parenting plan change… This after my 18 year old daughter moved in and the judge said I had to keep paying child support for my 18 year old to my ex while she was in high school and living with me. The reason: there was only 8 months left of high school and my 18 year old could decide to move back with her mother.

    I never understood why fathers abandon their children. But I have to say, I am a bit more understanding at this point in my life. I couldn’t abandon my children, but if they were infants and her boyfriend got to be a parent more than I… I could understand how the feeling of helplessness the courts force on men could cause a guy to throw up his hands and walk away…


    I feel for you brother. Despite all the rhetoric about “equal” rights between the sexes, the geocentric, misandrous bias of the family court system is illustrated by the raw data –

    America –

    America Child Cusody Graph By Sex

    Australia –

    Child Custody Graph Australia

    Where are all the female Social Justice Warriors when it comes to these statistcs? Deafeningly silent.

    Divorced dad



    the courts, the judges, lawyers, cops and assorted parasites depend on this corrupt system for their salary.

    So, expecting any changes is like expecting a vulture to help you out.



    Family courts are horrid (personal experience)

    All Courts are horrid! I’ll give you one small example,,, I know a guy that facing charges for disturbing the peace (maximum penalty $150.00 fine). The judge entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf, without his consent They set a 3 month date for pretrial conference, if at anytime he has any brush with the law he will be held in prison until such time as he is tried for his $150.00 offense. They’ve turned the justice system into a very efficient manburger machine.
    Oh, the Judge is a c~~~. God damn America!

    the feeling of helplessness the courts force on men could cause a guy to throw up his hands and walk away…

    Droves of men are throwing up their hands and walking away, before children, marriage, divorce, custody, child support, and a lifetime of enslavement! God bless them!

    Blue Skies
    Blue Skies

    thanks for sharing your story @scriptx

    @oz-bloke great graphs showing how unjust our justice system is.

    i used to feel bad for single mothers in my blue pill days…..not anymore. many of them are single mothers by choice due to their selfishness.

    when ppl wonder why marriage rates and birth rates are plummeting in all western countries…simply look at how family courts treat men.

    MGTOW is not a movement, it is a way of life.


    like comedian Rodney Dangerfeild said..
    “My wife decided to have group sex, she SCREWED me in front of a JURY”
    except in real life it’s a feeling that is cold and brutal.
    the system crushes men to make women happy.
    wish i never got married, dumbest thing a man could ever do.


    One of my worst/best RED PILL moments was when I realized that you are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT if you are a dad in the family court system. Guilty by default for being male. People just have no f~~~ing clue what waits in store for them if they get sucked into the system as a dad. I can only hope that things like karma are true…..

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