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    Be aware that Mark Passio is a follower of Aleister Crowley.

    He’s very much a man jumping on the David Icke bandwagon but with a dubious agenda of his own.


    So what’s the solution… back to the gold standard? Crypto-currency? Barter economy? Bottle caps?

    I’m not disagreeing that expanding the supply of a currency devalues the existing currency… but assuming that we need some method of easily and securely accounting for, transmitting and storing value, I wonder how one avoids erosion of value in any form of standardized expandable storage.


    I’m not really sure what the solution is. Gold and silver have been played out, and considering what happened to the gold rush a few years ago, I’m still unsure what to make of it at this point. One thing is certain though, our currency is backed by nothing but the word of the fed which is effectively an IOU. I’m leery of what will happen in the next few years because right now, only 2 major countries have their currency backed by gold and silver and that’s China and Russia. It’s looking like the various countries in Africa will form a kind of “European Union” so to speak. That isn’t the problem.

    The problem is the goldmine of gold and silver they’re sitting on as they build their currency. China and Russia seem to be supporting this notion to build up an African currency backed by gold and silver. Given the American debt at this point, and it’s liquid currency, I fully expect an invasion of some kind to destabilize the region and steal their resources.

    To the OP’s point, economic slavery is quite strong in this country. I know lots are talking about the increase in minimum wage, that’s just a symptom of the larger picture affected by the banks, and the federal reserve as the whole, and is a byproduct of the inflation, and lower interest rates we’re dealing with. The fed’s injections of cash into the economy without something to back it have lowered the purchase power of the dollar (really since it’s inception) thus creating a ripple effect. Costs of farming material, and produce rise as a result of inflation, rising cost of corn (used as ethanol in gas) subsequently increases the cost of gas, increasing the cost of everything else, with rising costs, minimum wage is just a blowback.

    The problem with the fed besides it’s ability to affect the economy all the way around through inflation/deflation/quantative easing is that our currency isn’t owned by our government like the constitution says it’s supposed to be. That power was given to the banks who set up the fed, and the fed LOANS our currency to us WITH interest. Now, the harsh reality is, America will ALWAYS be in debt. No matter how “prosperous” we came to be. There is no conceivable way, regardless of what the purchase power of the dollar is, to ever pay back that interest. Never. It’s impossible. Keeping the people and it’s government in debt to the fed.

    Now, taking all these things into account, understanding how our government is inefficient with money, creates lots of “entitlement programs”, wastes money on the military, on redundant laws, endless studies, and war – government has an inherent nature to expand its power whenever possible. Not reduce it. The government doesn’t make money. The only way the government can get money is through fines and taxes. Most times, it raises taxes under the guise of some new “program” it wants to create. So the government has a big spending issue. Our national debt is roughly 20 trillion last I checked. So the only way to attempt to pay this debt is to either raise taxes, or ultimately what will likely happen is default.

    The reality is, the system has been created whereas they need to be kept working. The economy is too expensive because costs have risen, income has declined, purchase power has declined, and with standard of living having increased, people are living longer than they did 50 years ago. So the government says “we can’t afford to pay for your retirement. Get back to work”. Or as in the case of people like my father nearing retirement “you better keep working”. Thus, the modern day slavery. Keep the government in debt, keep the people in debt, keep the economy in shambles and they’ll have to keep working until they die.

    Retired people have taken jobs to afford what they need in life because retirement doesn’t cut it anymore. Many people are still working into their 70’s. Millions of people are working 2 and 3 jobs when traditionally they only worked one. It’s economic slavery. Sure people do themselves no favors overextending themselves buying luxury items they can barely afford or can’t afford at all, but for many, being overextended isn’t really their fault. If you’re a renter, your rent goes up, your utilities go up, food goes up, gas goes up. So people look for means to balance the system. Perpetuating the “plantation” system.

    Before, slavery was a means of using a few to produce a product. Now the game has changed. This new form of slavery, economic slavery has no discrimination. It cares not for the color of your skin, your ethnic background or your financial state. For ultimately, unless you are rich already, you are all subject to this form of slavery.


    Be aware that Mark Passio is a follower of Aleister Crowley.

    He’s very much a man jumping on the David Icke bandwagon but with a dubious agenda of his own.

    I can’t believe anyone sees him as credible. When I saw him years ago on Alex Jones talking about the reptilian agenda, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard. Both of them are a joke, but David Icke shouldn’t even be known at this point. I would put him in the same boat as L.Ron Hubbard, except Icke didn’t spawn a Scientology religion-cult.


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    I personally think Agorism is best to go your own way.

    Agorism: a Libertarian Free Market counter-economy that uses the untaxed,unregulated black and gray market.

    its about removing yourself financially from the economy. you work under the table, grow your own food, buy from garage sales ect.
    if your hard work and labour isn’t taxed by the gov (through income, sales tax, inflation ect.) your money wont go to free loaders….. you know who im talking about.


    I personally think Agorism is best to go your own way.

    Agorism: a Libertarian Free Market counter-economy that uses the untaxed,unregulated black and gray market.

    its about removing yourself financially from the economy. you work under the table, grow your own food, buy from garage sales ect.
    if your hard work and labour isn’t taxed by the gov (through income, sales tax, inflation ect.) your money wont go to free loaders….. you know who im talking about.

    Only problem is if you can’t create passive income you have to work til you die. For most of us passive income is going to be dividends or rental income, and you can’t really hide those things from the tax man, although I do agree with you in the concept that not feeding our broken government is a good thing. I’m just a little more moderate about it…I’ll lower my income tax burden by taking advantage of retirement accounts, and lower my property tax burden by living in a small condo instead of a house, and not buying a sports car or motorcycle for a second vehicle. That plan also makes my spending lower, which makes early retirement more achievable, which means over the course of my life time I’ll simply work less years, earn less, and be in a lower tax bracket for more of it than if I worked straight until I hit full social security age.

    Plus the whole grow your own food thing…it requires time and land. If I bought land up here I get hammered in property taxes. A modest house on 1-2 acres would run me about 6k a year in property taxes. Plus there is a time investment to it…I can work for 2-3 hours a week now and easily pay for all the food I need for the week…if I end up paying an extra 4-5k a year in property taxes over where I live now because I bought something with some land, and I spend more than 2-3 hours a week taking care of whatever plants or animals I have…its a net loss for me…and I could only imagine if I got into canning or whatever to preserve foods to eat throughout the year the time investment would be a ridiculous amount greater than 3 hours a week.


    The reason that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will never work is because contracts are not valid or upheld in courts of law if the medium of exchange is not government issued money.

    In order to enforce a contract in a court, the ‘money’ invloved has to be currency that is issued (printed) by the state / government. As in the same entity that you are going to (court) run by the same state / government that issued the currency.

    For example. If you sue a company for not sending products that you purchased for 10,000 Bitcoins and you want your Bitcoins back:

    No court of law will receive your case.

    You can’t abstain from using government issued currency then run to a court that is set up by the same government and seek for the terms of the contract to be enforced.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    Which is why cryptocurrencies will never work.


    The Vatican owns all fiat currency. Vatican city is the richest country in the world because they literally own the IMF or international bank. They own the private federal reserve in the USA. The money goes from the federal reserve to the bank of london, the vaticans banking capital. (The rockafellers and morgans are in charge of the finances)

    Most people don’t know how the federal reserve actually got into america. Its a crazy story actually and not commonly told. The Jesuits, the military wing of the vatican, told JP Morgan to build a huge boat. So they constructed this boat. They told all the rich people in the USA that it was unsinkable and very luxuries. All the wealthy were invited, and most went because it was the “rich” thing to do at the time. Little did they know they were boarding their coffin. The captain was a known Jesuit. The boats name was the titanic. It sank in 1911 and the federal reserve was founded in 1913. Some of the most prominent and wealthy men that OPPOSED the federal reserve were on this boat.

    Here is a youtube video of a man proving you are a collateral slave to fiat currency and you literally sign on to it. It’s all by consent, and it has to be with maxim law. You consent with the birth certificate, drivers license, social security number, ect. Before you tell me I’m wrong… research it 😉

    Slavery by Consent

    Maxim Law – Vatican Law – Roman Curia Law

    0100111*beep*0101010101101101~[A Glitch in the Matrix]~110010[transmissionterminated]000101101


    cryptos ‘are working’ and are the future. The word for the year is….Ethereum.


    You must understand that with something like Ethereum you have your basic cryptocurrency on the blockchain, which, is a publicly viewable ledger, making lawyers and notaries, etc basically not necessary at all – Ethereum also is programmable. So, you have lots of people writing software, based on Ethereum. They are writing programs, and they are launching their companies with ICO crowdfunds, based off of Ethereum. get educated and get your money out of ed jones, put it where the smartest minds of today’s technological world are working.

    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    For example. If you sue a company for not sending products that you purchased for 10,000 Bitcoins and you want your Bitcoins back:

    Sky-O, the common man never sues anyone and the only people trying to get refunds are women who borrow prom dresses at Sears and then return it with jizz stains lol.

    I don’t think you miraculously ruled out crypto in a paragraph my brother. You’re smarter than me and I actually look up to you, having read you many times but crypto is a little more complicated to rule it out by saying you can win a payment in court.

    Just sayin. Cyrpto, if anything, is a highly profitable way to invest currently, and it also saves a lot of money time. If anything, it will replace ACH banking which is time consuming and expensive. For example, a currency with units like Stellar Lumens (100 Billion total supply) can be traded between international banks in seconds for a tiny cost. This makes ACH look like the a big slow cruise boat compared to a X-Wing Fighter.

    Cyrpto is here to stay, no matter what it will be used for, its only going to grow in value and become more common place. Not Bitcoin, the smaller, faster, more numerous coins.



    If you look at fiat currency as a unit of measure
    it becomes a much more useful tool. It will
    never be used to measure my wealth only my
    time. The value of my time is for you to decide.

    I was born into a poor but honest family
    My father was someone I worshiped and trusted.
    I still trust him.

    First I have to show how the worth of something
    is not the same as it’s value.

    Say you own a house and want to sell it.
    You are asking 100k but the best offer
    after 8 months on the market is 6ok
    you decide to sell at that price.
    any price you accept determines
    what something is worth.
    If you say my house was worth 100k
    but I sold it for 60k
    you just lied to yourself.
    every thing is worth only
    what you trade it for.
    no more no less period
    case closed no need to argue
    or dicker the price is set
    and worth is determined.

    A single dollar is worth only
    what you may trade it for today.
    no more no less.

    Now to determine its substance and value
    a dollar is made from colorful cloth
    not paper. Cloth is its substance
    and because of its substance it will always
    be worth less tomorrow and less the day after
    less everyday after that.

    the value of a dollar is not what it is worth
    but how useful it is as a unit of measure.
    what does it measure?
    depends on how you obtain it.
    The Bible says the love of money is
    the root of all evil.
    If you obtain it by deception, theft, usury
    extortion then it measures your evil nature.
    AT what length or level of subterfuge will
    you go to steal that dollar from another man.
    That measures your level of evil nature.
    The dollar is a valuable tool to measure
    the evil nature of a society or an individual.

    If you have no evil motives and refuse to steal.
    A dollar can only be used to measure your time of life. The amount of time you spent at honest work to obtain that dollar.

    If you worked all last week and have 100$ after
    paying all needed expenses your weeks work
    was worth 100$, but your weeks value was the total
    check before paying the expenses. Value
    determined by your employer’s total expense.

    The value of fiat currency is its usefulness
    as a unit of measure.
    It measures an honest mans time of life
    and a thief’s evil nature.

    I have no problem using fiat currency
    I work for mine and it only measures
    my time of life at hard labor obtaining

    The mugger on the street who takes your dollar
    is an honest thief because his evil motives are clear
    his face is visible and if you are fast and strong enough you may run him down tackle and take your dollar back.

    The pick pocket in a crowd is level two evil
    he steals without you getting a description
    and you only find out later that you have been robbed.

    The most evil and unscrupulous are those who conspire
    in groups to steal the dollar before you ever get it in your possession. They claim authority to take your
    future time of life and the product thereof before it exist. They say you owe them a debt and if you cannot
    prove otherwise they create ways to steal the compensation for your work before it comes into your possession. The old possession is 9/10ths of the law BS.
    Once they have it they say fill out this paper saying you are a criminal and payed your tax/fine/tithes to the mandatory public civil religion called democratic socialism and we will give some of it back.
    The refund is a bribe to get you to admit
    the voluntary nature of the system and let them off the hook for taking your hard earned compensation in the first place. Once you fill out the return and admit
    guilt they send the bribe.
    once you accept the bribe you have no plausible deniability as to taking benefits from a government
    that make no secret of the fact they are broke and have no place to obtain your benefit without stealing it from your neighbor.

    OUCH the truth hurts every proud tax paying American citizen.
    Destroys their self righteous sense of moral decency.
    I know I know, its the money you paid in through the year not the money they take from your neighbor.
    Did you really pay it or did they take it?
    slippery slope of a question when the criminal
    implications are added to the mix.

    I wave all benefits, privileges, protection and assistance for I refuse to encourage my government
    to take anything from my neighbor for my benefit.

    I owe them nothing because they failed at protecting my rights and I refuse to accept what they have to sell
    as services. The only service I have found value in
    was the state’s cleen bill of mental health and a jump start by a policeman when my truck would not start.

    This should not be construed that I am anti government.
    I love this form of government really. The evil nature
    and deceptive tactics used by those administering it
    are what I dislike.
    I am a man of faith and love everyone on this planet.
    I am not allowed to hate anyone.
    I dislike bad manners, rude and obnoxious behavior.
    I dislike evil motives and corruption.
    It is the actions of evil people I hate
    not the people them selves.
    I can only pray for them and show love and respect.
    I respect them for who and what they are.
    Respect is given not earned.
    You only have to disrespect one (not everyone) to
    be considered a disrespectful person.
    I show a thief respect by obtaining a bigger lock
    to put on what it is they are stealing.
    If you refuse to respect that a person is a thief
    that just makes it easy for them to continue.

    Your time of life is only worth what you
    are willing to trade it for today.
    no more no less.

    The value of your time of life can only
    be determined by your customers who ever
    that may be.
    It is a merely a perception
    made by those people you are willing to
    give your time to.
    A selfless man willing to give
    his time to someone with little
    or no expectation of compensation
    will most assuredly be considered
    as more valuable than the one who asks
    the question: What is in it for me?
    when I here that question
    I always want to reply with
    nothing is in it for a
    selfish human being.
    accept the truth and let the
    evolutionary process create you into a selfless man
    because only men have unalienable god given rights.

    I will work for only what I need to survive
    If I receive less than what I need I will
    find a better employer.

    If the gov presumed I was working for their
    benefit and I am compensated less than what I need.
    I shall waive the benefit and let The spirit
    of my heavenly father become a bigger, better
    and more powerful lock to put on the time of life
    I have left to live.

    Thank you Jesus for hosting the spirit of my earthly father inside my heavenly heart.
    His wisdom is still being taught to those
    who will hear. A&men

    Can a dead man teach?
    He is still spiritually alive in heaven.
    all true and void of lies
    have you evidence otherwise?

    I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at those who misunderstand me. Kind mockery at the well intentioned, but unfettered cruelty towards those would be prison guards of my creative possibilities. This so as to learn as much from misunderstanding as from understanding. Taking pleasure in worthy opponents and making language fluid and flowing like a river yet pointed and precise as a dagger. Contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful linguistic dance, A verbal martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.

    Prophet Micah
    Prophet Micah

    Harpomason, your father is a wise man.

    Now enjoy one of my FAVORITE animations I watch frequently!
    “Grab the b~~~~. You’re gonna need’em.”

    No Wife - No Strife


    Now enjoy one of my FAVORITE animations I watch frequently!
    “Grab the b~~~~. You’re gonna need’em.” The Collpase of the American dream Explained

    Sad, but ALL true. Many good people have spent years of their lives spreading the word about the unjust global private banking system. You will never hear about the fractional reserve banking system in the mainstream corporate owned media or taught in any school when you are growing up – intelligent people have to search to dig out the truth.

    The internet has changed the game however Mechanisms such as Facebook algorithms filter down/deprioritise posts about stuff like this to the extent that most of the millenial generation are more concerned about trivial stuff like gender pronouns whereas the global private banking system is at the root of what is wrong in the world.

    In the year of 2000 there were eight countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank:

    •North Korea.


    In addition, the nations in the EU have no real control over their destinies. Essential All western governments are in debt and that is the way the global banking system wants it – as then those governments must adher to the conditionalities of the private bankers IMF/ ECB / FED etc.

    The private banking system is completely not needed – governments could easily generate money into circulation like they used to before.

    Its a trick. DEBT = SLAVERY of a life working much harder than you otherwise would have to in order that the banks get paid their interest.

    DEBT MONEY MEANS Governments aim to increase GDP year after year to pay inteest to banks. Without the flawed interest system economies could be much more steady state and focused on long term sustainability rather than short term production of billions of unnneeded consumer items just to increase GDP.

    MEANWHILE THE FINITE RESOURCES OF NATURE are consumed more than otheriwse needed in order to keep generating enough GDP/tax dollars to pay interest to banks. GLOBALLY POLLUTION INCREASES TO LAND WATER AND AIR.

    and the system will trundle on until it it fails. The bankers and their corporate and government associates get richer, and most of the rest of us needlessly pay debt interest and pay taxes.

    Gynocentric society is unjust, flawed and unsustainable. JOHN'S MGTOW VIDEOS

    IGMOW (I Go My Own Way)
    IGMOW (I Go My Own Way)

    PURE fiat currency has no debt behind it. It is just put into existence with no interest. You can have debt-driven fiat currency, like the way it is now, which produces debt beyond debt and creates a cycle of more and more debt to service the prior debt. Add a fractional reserve system, and you have a recipe for enslavement.

    Ideally, there would be a system where you could exchange items for items, and a system to balance things out. I am hoping the Crypto era we are in, will lead to this, where currency leaves completely. The tech is coming.

    "I am my own thang. Any questions?" - Davis S Pumpkins.

    IGMOW (I Go My Own Way)
    IGMOW (I Go My Own Way)

    I am dropping Money as Debt in here now:

    "I am my own thang. Any questions?" - Davis S Pumpkins.

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