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    Alright. . .

    I discovered the term during an online search (which included Twitter and related)

    Confession: I was researching one of my all time favorite porn chicks (that had actually only been in eight scenes before finishing her master’s degree in psychology – Veronica Vice. And, like, she doesn’t have an online presence related to her former porn life) Ok. Now that I’ve got that out of the way.

    So. When checking online, noticed porn chicks that enslave guys financially: They have Amazon Wishlists and guys order stuff for them off their lists. Like one guy paid over $2,500 for new luggage that Casey Calvert wanted. Another dude dropped $480 on a Coach signature dog collar that Madelyn Monroe wanted for her Pug dog. Etc, etc

    And some chicks just post their Cash app or Venmo and guys send money. Anywhere from $50 to $1,000 at a time.

    It’s called FinDom (Financial Domination) and it ranges from buying stuff via Amazon that gets mailed to them, sending money and even paying $250+ for “used” things and g-strings of porn wh*res.

    Trinity St. Clair even charges ($100) to “rate” d•ck pics where guys send her a pic of their d•ck and she reviews them. Even having a full schedule of 20-25 d•ck pic rating sessions a day.

    The guys are referred to as “Pay Pigs” and even “Wallet Slaves”. With some chicks even posting pics of things they bought for their alpha boyfriends with pay pig’s money.

    It’s getting crazy out there.

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