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    Waitress at bar I went to Sunday night with Army buddy was blatantly honest when we were chatting with her at end of the evening.

    She was in her mid-twenties, fairly pretty (about an 8), works out regularly (according to her).

    She talked about her 25th birthday coming up and how a couple guys texted about taking her out to celebrate.

    When I pressed further, she told me she has 5 or 6 men that take her out regularly and shower her with gifts and cash even though she tells them up front she won’t have sex with them. She said for sex she has a friend with benefits who she will call up when in the mood.

    She bragged how with all the support of these men she was able to pay off her 2016 Toyota Sequoia recently.

    I just shook my head at the stupidity of those pu$$y beggars. Then I enjoyed my beer thankful to no longer be playing that phucked up game.

    Nearly five months now free from the plantation. Tonight I watched Die Hard, laughed and drank whiskey. No one to tell me they wanted to watch something else or to turn it down.

    "You don't know a woman till you have met her in divorce court."
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