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    I have been following this story for a while.

    Including Tawny’s eventual arrest, jail time, release and her continued stalking of the guy that got her brought back to court.

    But prior to law enforcement realizing what was going on:

    Her ex-boyfriemd was arrested four times

    Served a restraining order and arrested for violating it but the “calls” and texts to her phone were from her using an advanced Spoof number service making it appear like it was his number

    (Like, seriously. Law enforcement apparently has no way to figure that out. WTF)

    She may allegations to the state that he was having sex with his daughter (from his first marriage – different woman) and the state investigated him (house raid) to try to find porn videos his ex said he filmed with him, and his daughter’s teenage girlfriends

    He arrived back from a trip at one point at the airport and was taken away by the feds under suspicion of drug smuggling. Nothing found in his luggage.

    And she took pictures she had of him from when they were together and they took sex shots / posing etc and she mailed all of the pictures to the CEO and executives at a company he worked for making $100k a year. He got fired.

    And this video is about the night he woke up at 3am – His house surrounded by the police and he was arrested. He had been home all night and had not seen her in over a month.

    The investigators showed him pictures of her face, bruised, cut, blood on her shirt etc and he was charged with aggravated assault (she had apparently hit herself in her face)

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