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    The schadenfreude is off the scale on this one!

    Women love to mock men for even our good qualities. Mocking women for their stupid qualities is fair game in my book. They can take what they are so happy to dish out, right? 😉


    Rewrite this story about a man who made over a million a year for multiple years while only ‘working’ a few weeks of each year. Make it about a man who made his millions for being still and not moving. That’s what posing for a picture actually is, isn’t it? Literally doing nothing, and doing nothing for only a few weeks a year, and making over a million a year for it. Conclude the article with a report about how this man is now homeless and penniless.

    Q) What would be the response to the article about this man?

    A) Nothing. No response. There would be no response because that article would not even be published… because no one would care enough about a man like that.

    So I’m giving women the equality that they’ve shrieked demands for from the rooftops for decades. I’m treating them like a man, and ignoring the one who wasted those millions she got for doing nothing, and now has nothing.

    Equality with men is to be expendable, and it is a harsh and merciless thing. But women demanded it, and this one at least, will get exactly that.

    Look, it's not my fault that tornado dropped a house on your sister. Now get back on your broom and get your ass out of here... and take your monkeys with you

    SESQUI ano est
    SESQUI ano est

    I was talking to my ex a couple weeks ago and she was talking about her former model friend who is forty now. She has gotten all Catholic and is looking for a man to settle down with – she does not have any kids and does not want any. This model was complaining about no good men out there after her latest dating experience where all the man wanted was a sexual relationship.
    I asked my ex how old a man she was looking to settle down with and this chick skidding towards the wall was looking for and dating younger men in her search for her blue pilled beta husbank.
    I burst out laughing. I told my ex that at 49 I could have a short term relationship with her 40 year old model friend but that she was much too old for anything longer term. I also mentioned that model or not a 40 year old woman wanting to settle down should be dating 50-60 year old guys at best. I love not having to censor myself.
    A washed up model who has been given everything her whole life and had 500 miles of pipe run through her 6-8 inches at a time decides it’s time to settle down with a younger man and live a clean religious family life. Hahahahaha! When stories like this pop up in conversation they are so comical through a red pill lens. That girl is in for some serious disappointment.

    Everyday above ground is a good one. Everyday above ground while single...better still.

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