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    Faust For Science
    Faust For Science

    I find it interesting that all of the Democratic Senators went on their twitter accounts last night and said it was time for Franken to step down. It had to be an orchestrated effort. Apparently the Democrats are going to die on the #metoo hill in the next election. The rally cry will be that they cleaned out their own house, but the Republicans won’t do it themselves. So do it for them.

    The democrats on the hill do not understand the puritanical SJW monsters they have created.

    If there is a hint of impropriety twenty, or even thirty years ago, in the eyes of the SJWs that is enough to destroy someone’s life.

    In the next election the democrats will try to claim they have cleaned how but the SJWs will likely not buy it because the SJWs consider enablers just as guilty as the accused.

    Sean Hannity and Roy Moore understands this is why they are fighting the accusations against them.

    The SJWs have become the hypocritical puritans of the twenty-first century. Where by the SJWs view they are allowed to be hedonists but no one else should be allowed to be hedonists.

    Something that you obliquely touched on that needs to be brought to the surface here is the fact that SJW are all about ideological purity. Any and all divergent thought or activity needs to be purged. Famous example of this from the past are both Mao and Stalin. Purges of supreme horror were carried out costing millions of lives in both China and the Soviet Union. All for ideological purity. To be fair Stalin was also famously suspicious of everybody. He also needed forced labor.

    In the grand tradition above all those who are in variance need to be sacrificed. The mantra for decades on the left is that men are victimizers and women are victims. Currently, only out of convenience, this sexual harassment thing is a deal. So any man who is accused will be sacrificed. Think about the chickens in the book 1984. They were forced to make a public confession and were burned. This served as an example for all of the other animals.

    Another thing to think about is what Bernie Sanders said this morning. He called on Sen. Frankin to resign and also brought up our current president in the same breath. That my friend is the big reveal. All of this coordinated media attention and accusations have been setting the stage to go after Mr. Trump. Think about it, last year the women’s marches went after Trump and then the Pink P Hats came out. Then it died down. All of these women sat on the allegations that we’re seeing now. They literally said nothing when the topic was powerful men assaulting women!!!! Now this. Think about it. The purge started with all of the other men and the prize, or brass ring, is Pres. Trump. Mark my words, Bernie’s words today will be the tip of the iceberg. The chorus will grow against the president.

    Excellent summation Travis.

    But, I believe I can add to this.

    SJW is born from feminism. Like feminist, SJW sees no use for men and old women. Like all appeasement situations, all the democrats on the hill, the men and old women, have gained by bowing to SJW is the false hopes the SJW will politically target them last.

    The good news is the SJW are bullies. If someone pushes back hard enough from their political attacks and even physical attacks, the SJW push against the person falls apart and the SJW retreats.


    If senator step down, who would replace him, or we need special election?

    The governor of the state in question appoints a replacement, usually after a lot of political wheeling and dealing. The appointment then fills the seat for the rest of the vacated term or until a special election is held.

    Minnesota’s current governor belongs to a regional party which is closely linked to the national Democratic Party, so the person appointed to fill the seat will be a Democrat.

    Because a senator’s term is 6 years long, a special election is often then scheduled after the appointment to elect a new senator. In most cases, the appointed replacement runs for the office in that election. However, if only a year or two is left in the seat’s term, a special election isn’t usually worth the bother.

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