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    It’s been getting out of control.

    The US programs (including “extended federal stimulus unemployment”) are basically theft of money: redirected at people that are not even working. And the total “aid” across the board including corporate and large industry funds is at $2.4 trillion right now.

    So. . .

    I started my own federal aid programs last Friday. And alerted three of my buddies as to what they are while telling them that the “special websites” go live on May 14th to sign up for them. And they have all thanked me and are waiting patiently for this Thursday so that they can fill out their forms and sbmit information.

    The only problem is. . .

    The federal programs that I created are not real. They are non-existent. Just creative things I thought of while smoking weed last week.

    Case 01

    Convince one buddy that he can get $10,000 of his student loan debt forgiven due to Coronavirus. And gave him a listbof criteria he needs to meet in order to qualify. He’s been getting his documents together for the last two days and even called me last night while celebrating and drinking, telling me how excited he is.

    Case 02

    Kept things a little more mellow. Told a buddy that has a 2018 Toyota Prius (and payment) that has not been driving 5-6 days a week for Uber anymore that there is a special program for “gig economy” workers (debuting on a website this Thursday) where if they use their car for their gig job like Uber, Door Dash, etc that they just have to fill out forms, provide their lender account number for their car and the government will make their auto payments for the next six months. He even told me “Dude. I’m not going to make my car payment on the 20th. Thanks for giving me a heads up bro!”

    Case 03

    Let another buddy know that the government is setting up a program that will pay his child support payments from now until January 2021 so that he can get back on his feet. And emphasized that he needs to call his child support enforcement case manager and specifically request the “Aid For Dad’s” assistance program. (Wish I could hear that phone call when it goes down) And let him know he has to call on the 14th or 15th in order to qualify. He was elated and thanked me too for letting him know.


    Let’s the chaos begin.

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