GA Runoff exposed the "Carrot on the Stick" election rigging.

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    GA Runoff exposed the “Carrot on the Stick” election rigging.

    Over the last few days, there have been things that have been lost in the pile. Chief among such things was the finer details of the GA runoff which was rigged in several ways, including some ways most people are missing.

    Yesterday was a s~~~show on Capital Hill, but an entertaining s~~~show. That will be covered a few paragraphs down.

    The last three months, since the night of November 3rd 2020, has been a steady stream of red pills, from the open election rigging, to the cover-up, to the exposure of the literally army of traitors that are part of the election steal. But, Tuesday night, January 5th 2021, with the Georgia double senate runoff exposed some levels of election rigging that confirms what some of us here have suspected for decades.

    To no one’s surprise the democrats won, with the rino opponents looking for every excuse not to ask for an recount or investigation. It is the margin of victory for the democrats is just over 50%, just enough not to have an automatic recount.

    But, here is the thing. It is reported around 300,000 MAGA members, whom voted in the previous Nov election, did NOT vote in the Georgia runoff elections. If that is the case, with several reasons why it would be the case given the open election fraud that happened in Georgia, from a percentage standpoint the democrats should have had a blowout victory of at least 65% to 70% of the vote. Though, the claimed results are just over half of the voters voted for the victors.

    Always pay attention to both of the magician’s hands. It is like the last night mail-in voters fraud was the runoffs was petty actions to distract from the larger fraud.

    From a basic standpoint, election should be having most clearly defined victories, where the winners gets at least 60% percent of the victories. But, in the U.S. that is not been the case.

    For the last fifty or so years, almost all local, state, and federal elections have been dead-heats, almost even ties. At least since Carter once the presidency in 1976, with the exception being the Reagan blowout of 1984.

    This amount of dead-heat results in elections should be an statistical impossibility. But, this continues to happen. The only explanation is very finely hidden election rigging.

    And the logic for such election rigging is simple.

    This is a “carrot on a stick” approach. If they keep the election rigging to where there almost ties this keeps those that lost believing they could still win, while those that won will feel if they do not give their total support to the “winning” party they will lose.

    This election rigging always keep the population divided, which makes the population easier to control.

    it is like a juggling act. And like juggling acts, sometimes the jugglers lose control of their b~~~~. That is what happened in 2016 with the election with the victory of President Trump. From what happened since then, his victory was not part of their plan and his presence threw a monkey wrench so big that removing him has broken their well orchestrated con of the people.

    The last three months has been interesting. We now know how deep and wide the treason is. The treason is at all levels of government and almost all members of government, along with major corporations and foreign governments.

    In the last three months, the seventy plus MAGA membership has seen how election are openly rigged, the court will not even let them show the obvious evidence, and those in government will do everything to support the election rigging and cover-up.

    MAGA members have been denied their votes, their day in court, and on track to lose what little ability they have to be heard.

    In other words, MAGA members have been denied any civil avenue to make peaceful change in government.

    This all being said, what happened in the Capital Building January 6th, 2021 was a watershed moment, regardless who was behind the events.

    Some people stormed the Capital Building. Most MAGA members do not care if it was MAGA or a Deep State false flag, because the MAGA members understand the event made the face of the government look weak.

    It is like the end of the story, “The Man Who Would be King”. The crowd the conman had convince that he was divine saw him cut, they realized he was mortal, and they turned on him.

    The same happened when the Capital Building was stormed, with the members of Congress and the Senate being showed to not only they are traitors, but they are weak and cowardly. They were politically cut, for the rest of the world to see they are mortal.

    The Congress and the Senate showed that when their asses are on the line, they will hide and runaway at the first opportunities.

    In being exposed a weak, cowardly traitors, the face of government, the Congress and the Senate, has lost all respect from much of the U.S. populations and much of the world.

    In politics, respect is the currency of power. The members of Congress and the Senate lost that on January 5th, 2021

    This will have both domestic and international implications down the line.

    It is hard to fear someone that you have no respect for. Sure, they have the power to destroy us, but their power comes from fear of the people, not from a personal strength of will.

    Going forward, between this and the open election rigging, the U.S. government will not have much influence in the rest of the world because no one will respect them.

    Also, these events exposed the false support from the parts of the media that had claimed to support MAGA, but are doing everything they can to make excuses that it cannot be MAGA, that it had to be someone else. That the MAGA movement are peaceful wimps.

    Such media groups are doing this because they want to make money off of MAGA members, but if MAGA turned militant, which it is doing right now, that those in government are looking for any excuse to shutdown and arrest any MAGA supporting media at the end of calling for support for violence by MAGA members.

    Though, some independant media realize what is happened and are offering what support they can for MAGA members.

    On a side note, President Trump called for peace and for the protesters to leave. He has made comments he is bowing out.

    Personally, I understand and I still respect President Trump. The entire U.S. government, plus other governments and groups are set against him. He may be looking for the exit plan to save his family and himself. That being said, he has done a lot to help the U.S. working class and expose the treason for what it is.

    But, he never really understood the MAGA movement.

    The MAGA movement existed before President Trump entered politics as the Tea Party, but where the Tea Party were pacifists, MAGA members are not.

    President Trump and his family can leave the country and they have enough wealth to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

    Most MAGA members are stuck in this s~~~show. They cannot escape. They are trapped in this hell that is not of their own making.

    Anyone with a brain can see both sides are getting ready for a fight. But the hows, whys and details are a topic for another time.

    Though, one question being missed is whom took and leaked the photos of “representatives” cowering behind desks or laying on the floor while the Capital Building was stormed by people.

    Clearly those behind all this have an agenda that will NOT end with these fools being in power. This is only the next step in their plans.

    Even with no violence against them, there are at least four things either the politicians plan to implement or will happen anyway that could cause a combination of revolution, coup, and-or collapse.

    It is possible to guess the final goals of these unseen hands, but that is a discussion for another time.

    Personally, this red pills has left me in a strange place.

    For me, how I view things at the moment. I now believe that elections are like women. One can support them, or one can understand them. One cannot do both.

    In my heart, I can no longer support the election system. Elections are a mountain of lies use to shackle people with untruth and false hopes.

    I now lean towards supporting a one party rule that supports the working class, not those that pay lip-service to the working class, but whom really want to enslave the working class.

    Still, whatever is coming, there will be opportunities in many ways. One just has to look for them and be ready to seize those opportunities.

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