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    Meow Mix
    Meow Mix

    For me, the mission is ended.

    It was to show to the remaining unsuspecting members here that the site is corrupted, members bossing others around like feminists, the owner of the site committing credit card fraud and profiles getting hacked into.

    Slandering other members on a large scale.

    Often using fake identities.

    Just today, I received another death threat through the Follow/Unfollow system. Same vocabulary as Josie, no doubt about that.

    That’s enough.

    Enjoy being our cat toilet.

    In July of 2018, this honey pot forum was sold out to an unidentified NPC sock puppet and troll organization. Most independent thinkers and writers migrated to other MGTOW forums as a result of the never-ending infighting and deliberate trouble starting caused by members who were given "carte blanche" by the admin to do whatever they want. I moved on to "" which was created for us because of the hostile takeover here. Before my departure, I only left a few thousand cat pics here to comfort and ridicule the feminist owners who now run this place. Their background agenda is to make MGTOW look bad in the public eye.

Viewing 941 post (of 941 total)

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