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    Hi all men! hope you had a fun weekend whether you remembered it was our day or not, I didn’t remember:D
    Anywho, I don’t equate Stefan Molyneux’s material with MGTOW, but his thoughts do touch on relevant subjects, this recent one of his in particualr in my opinion:

    If any view this and want to share any insights please do. as for myself, This video both enforces the necesity for men to go their own away while at the same time highlighting the inherent dangers. As stated, personality traits are genetic, so suppose all the good strong men go their own way and don’t reproduce (at least until Sandman’s utopic external womb idea comes to fruition), humanity will be reduced to whatever offspring men had before they went their own way (and perhaps the few that will be born to mgtow men that have found a decent mate) and weak offspring, of weak men (myself included, though now that I am aware of redpills and mgtow I am slightly hopeful) that have bowed down to the system. this does not bode well for the future of men. Even suppose future men will find mgtow mentors, will they have the strength to follow through (if future women don’t somehow make mgtow illegal)? suppose each generation from now will have a percentage of men going their own way (and in the near future only in the western world, and not immigrants who have no use for mgtow) what will remain eventually of the western world? in my opinion, the number of men going mgtow at the moment is only enough to harm society incrementally, there needs to be a sudden shift in society to rock the boat enough for people to want to right it and plug the holes. I am not talking about politicizing mgtow. I do think that men, rather they have gone their own way before or after the tragedy that is modern day marriage, should find two men (at least?) that they think are mgtow material (I suppose strong or manly could work but it feels slightly limiting) and those in turn will introduce others to the idea, since in my opinion, that is mgtow, and idea, a way of life, not a rulebook or guidelines.
    In the extreme, men going their own way means going their own way from other men, but going into complete isolation from the world does not benefit the world (not that the world deserves it, but until Mr. Musk is successful it is the only one we’ve got) though the peace and quiet might benefit the man. As Mr. Molyneux points out, males are more competitive then cooperative by nature, but I don’t think the greatest achievements were made by a single man, single-handily, somewhere there was a cooperation with others, either higher or lower from Mr. Musk’s past teachers to his janitors (though maybe he replaced them all with robots by now:) ).
    Maybe humanity is simply headed to extinction whatever we do, so perhaps the best thing is to make the most of what we have and can do now. on the other hand, that viewpoint is the one that might lead us to extinction, each person, doing what he thinks is best for his self.
    If you read this far at least leave me your two cents, need to save up for when I am able to go my own way 😀

    "What you really fear is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things."


    need to save up for when I am able to go my own way

    Are you a captive of a master bro .





    Good luck jack.

    Hope you can scape.

    To those following me, be careful, I just farted. Men those beans are killers.



    need to save up for when I am able to go my own way

    Impossible, modern dynamics dictate that you be extracted of all value and worth before disposal.

    Secret Agent MGTOW
    Secret Agent MGTOW

    So I guess this means men all across the world are having to pick up the bill, today?

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.

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