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    I just got back in from a run to the store and thought to share an amusing “life anecdote.”

    Coming home from the store today, I run across an SUV in the middle of a “T”intersection . There was a 60’s retired couple,(young,not white hair) standing in the road beside the SUV. The hood is not up, no 4-ways on, so I’m curious and stop.
    Window down….
    We’re stuck,…… It just stopped!
    It just shut-off, one ,minute it’s fine,…. then NOTHING.

    Me :
    Did you check the battery connections?
    If it shut down “all of a sudden,”it must be electrical.

    Yeah,….I cleaned them today, I had to jump it.

    Me :
    “Jump it?”

    Yeah, we just came up from Florida.
    We live a few miles down the road (returning snow-birds)

    Do you think you could give us a jump?? We have cables.

    Me: ooOO I’m not your white Knight B**ch! OOoo

    Hood up on SUV now
    something is smoking!

    Me: Sounds like you need more than a jump lady.

    grabs phone,….. hits panic mode and tries to dial 911
    apes the female only for BOTH of them to realize there is no cell service here, it’s too rural.

    Me: I can go down the road a bit where there is service, want me to call a garage?

    no, it’s ok…..

    Me: fine, I’ll be back a bit later. (I might not be a white knight blue-pill, but I am a gentleman,I;d offer a ride back to their place)

    I stop back later to see the county Sherriff and a flatbed tow-truck from a not-so local garage. Woman finally got through on her 911 call.

    He’s not happy at all
    Tow charge: 125
    Sherriff 911 answer 25 (he did give them a ride home)
    AND the SUV still at the garage!

    If they had listened to me, they had a 35 tow and the SUV fixed the next day.
    The garage the authorities called are notoriously S L O W for repairs.

    Marry again, Hell NO ! ( Even JESUS was hung on a cross just once)

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