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    Hello again, everyone.

    I couldn’t remember if I introduced myself when I first signed up; even if I did, that was almost two years ago and with very little activity on my part so I figured I’d do it again.

    I joined towards the tail end of my high school year- had just heard about MGTOW, was listening to RPS, BP, all those guys. After graduation, I started working full time till this year to get some money saved up for school, and just kind of lost track of the whole MGTOW thing. When you are the youngest person in the office by an easy decade, and so low on the chain you are below even interns, it’s pretty easy to keep away from women.

    To cut a long story short, I just moved from home and into university this fall, and holy s~~~ the thottery is unbelievable. We are a pretty male-heavy school percentage wise, so they’ve got their pick of the litter. (In the month and a half since school started, I’ve seen this one girl make the walk of shame from my hall FOUR TIMES- each from a separate floor.)

    Suffice it to say being around women like this (all women I guess) is an extremely testing experience. I don’t want to put myself at risk, or get distracted from my degree. So I tried like 50 different passwords I used to use, got into the account, and now I’m back.

    I don’t really know what my goal was with this re-introduction but I’m back, and I’m very grateful that this community exists.




    Welcome back.

    Keep a supply of red pills.

    Women aren’t women anymore.

    Avoid like the plague.


    Glad to have you back. Hopefully this remains a helpful and encouraging place for you, you are in the thick of it. 🙂 At least you aren’t prone to a lot of stuff other guys will be at that point of your life.

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.


    Welcome back. You’re one of a small number of elite men who have a clue. Knowledge is power! You already have so much more of life figured out than most of your fellow male classmates.

    Duke Togo
    Duke Togo

    I think that That will be making a flash rape allegation in the future.

    If you want to get your d!ck wet, hope a professional. Study hard, work hard and save hard.


    Just for FU(K of it….LOL LOL

    In a World of Justin Beibers Be a Johnny Cash


    I don’t really know what my goal was with this re-introduction but I’m back, and I’m very grateful that this community exists.

    We are everywhere. We just don’t advertise. 🙂

    Keep us filled in on how the Campus life is. Don’t burn yourself out. But take time to really hit the books, get what you need and get to where you want to be. It all pays off if you play your cards right.

    Nothing is better then seeing a fellow brother live a GREAT LIFE!

    You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this. http://register-her.net/web/guest/home

    The Manipulated Man
    The Manipulated Man

    Howdy ACF,


    Just learned a new word. Thanks.

    It seems to be another form of Hive nonsense.

    ….I just moved from home and into university this fall, …………… We are a pretty male-heavy school percentage

    That’s rare, most Universities are over run with Feminists, even in STEM fields.

    About ten years ago, I made the mistake of switching from working in the Trades with Men to Working in an Academic setting. Writing, Teaching, and making discoveries new to science was supposed to be a dream come true. Using my mind instead of my back was supposed to be a Worthy Advancement.

    Yes, I use to complain many times about the numerous Blue Pill Slaves who worked alongside me in the Trades. Now I miss them all. As a young Tradesman, I did not understand how good it was to work alongside other heterosexual men.

    The most inept Tradesman who behaves like a Mangina is a thousand times better to work with compared to these so called “Professionals” who are an endless parade of Evil Harpies/ Whores along with their Gay partners in crime.

    Commie Feminists have turned most good jobs, especially White Collar jobs, into hell on earth. Having to work with modern Womyn is too much of a burden and is soul-destroying.

    Consider the follow Post:


    It is not too late for you to make better choices than me and avoid jobs that force you to work alongside modern womyn.

    For decades, most of my free time was used up studying at Hive controlled Institutions to pursue advanced degrees and become a scientist. I passed up and ignored many great work opportunities as a Tradesman. I foolishly believed the deceits that are promoted about Academic and “Professional” careers which are really soul-destroying for men these days. And most of those institutions are extremely hostile to Heterosexual Men.

    It is sad to hear the denial of most of my White Collar colleagues, who are middle aged heterosexual men. These highly skilled and credentialed men are unable to find work as Professors anywhere in Western Civilization. Sadly, these great guys are unwilling to see that communist feminists are running the Universities, Colleges, and other Institutions. These guys foolishly believe that the Engineering and Science departments are c~~~ free.

    The savage Academic and “Professional” life for an individual heterosexual man these days is similar to a bear being taken down by a bunch of hyenas.

    The following YouTube videos by Mike Rowe explains the truth about jobs and real success. He suggests great opportunities for men in today’s economy.


    These videos will also help you to fight the foolish programming that was forced upon your generation:

    What happens when a man finally comprehends the cold and calculating thoughts that are going through a woman's mind, while her eyes are brimming with tears?

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