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    Hello again fellow MGTOW,

    How are things gentlemen? Christopher here. I have good memories of this site though have not been posting in a long time due to health issues. Its good to see the site is still going and familiar names still here. The past year has been difficult I was in hospital with a bad health situation – I know many men go through health situations yet for the first time in my life I thought I was actually โ€˜finishedโ€™ (at least in this life ๐Ÿ˜‰) or badly damaged, but despite ongoing issues I am improving some now โ€“ the body can heal. I wont go into detail.. we each have our own challenges in life – just to say I was healthy, something happened and complications. Its all obvious and been said before – enjoy life, do what is important to you while you can, focus, be grateful for what you have and look after health โ€“ things can happen beyond your control โ€“ life can change for better or worse in an instant – and in every experience there is something to be learned.

    Western allopathic medicine imho has limitations especially if the immune system has been compromised – in terms of nutrition and healing a naturopath and ayurvedic doctor have been helpful in rebuilding some energy and healing gut issues I also had โ€“ yet as with most things in life imho its important to use your own intelligence, do your own research and find out what works for you when there is any kind of challenge.

    I will be 50 soon enough and I live in my house in a rural part of Western Europe โ€“ no GF or wife ๐Ÿ˜Š I tried that road and it was full of potholes haha. I find it hard to relax like before – thankfully playing music helps keep me grounded – I cant go on hikes like I used to yet that was never going to last forever anyway โ€“ but I go on short walks now. I have books on spiritual traditions and ancient texts from around the world which is an interest of mine โ€“ one of the teachings in various ancient scriptures is that we are a soul in a body… sometimes that thought gives me comfort.

    On the practical side I want to improve the house inside and the grounds outside. There is a project I had started before I got ill related to my former work that requires a good deal of consistent mental focus and I hope to be able to finish that in time. Someday if the finances and health improve more I would like to get a good campervan. I had a van when I travelled in my thirties itโ€™s a great sense of freedom. I hope to post a little more in the future.

    Peace and God Bless and of course stay MGTOW

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