I give all you men the right to be happy

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    It seems like no one else is.The reason is if men didn’t do all we do to make things work. At one time there were a lot of perks awarded to men for that.
    Taxman and women and relatives; If a man was doing what he wanted.It would impact a lot of people.Good Husband,provider,your responses as a man etc.. I have had women say they want to be my women. I told them” I know what is expected for me to do, What does it I get.”Don’t worry about the mule, load the wagon is how it goes.Men’s happiness does not often enter into the picture. The man should be praised,shamed, tricked into being a busy worker bee. There are some that wish your happiness if it does not effect any of their plans of the use of your assets and labors, but you will owe her for “letting you do something you want.”
    Men are dogged so much ,they know they are just being used and still Man up as they women tell you.
    Her is a quote I read that says a lot.
    “Choosing between making everyone else happy or yourself, including God, was a huge decision for me, I decided I needed to be happy”. Be Happy I said its ok and ask some more brothers they might have forgot to be happy

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