I started a MGTOW revolution in Prison!!

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    Powerful story man. We have tons of Men locked up in Prison here in USA as well. Its ripe for a MGTOW Revolution. You must be a natural leader gifted with Charisma. I’m sure that’s what drew the other inmates into your teachings.

    Your story shows that MGTOW is the only way out of this system. Surrogacy is not an option either. All Children are property of the State. There are no Men’s Rights (sorry MRAs keep dreaming).

    MGTOW for the win.



    Cheers, loving your reply. Yeah, I have received letters claiming my fellow inmates are ‘going mgtow’ so what better place to start. One guy had his girlfriend sending him books like 12 reasons I cheat!

    I have been described as charismatic but I just think the bluepills were so strong that redpills were just like fresh oxygen in that environment.

    I recommend to all my fellow MGTOW, if you can spend 1hour out of your day and become a pen-pall with a prisoner, It will be the best thing you can ever do for them and you! A single letter inside is like a lifeline. Don’t forget about our caged selves! Just because society hides them, they are not Schrodinger’s cat! They are possibly mankinds inner-core? A core that has no external input. Where a letter from mgtow would be like first contact!

    Vajra Varaha
    Vajra Varaha

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Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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