Is Feminism a Jewish plot?

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    Gravel Pit
    Gravel Pit

    This is EXACTLY what Gargamel did.

    Like him, GP is either psychotic or a paid agent.

    Ive been posting daily for two years on this account. (longer another) Monk, that preposterous to say about me. Atleast two men here know my face and have talked onbthe phone with.

    Also, why would anyone be paid to troll a site that is already ruined?! LOL. You cant even get here from Google anymore. The place is finished.

    Im psychotic? Im not the one that believes in chemtrails and gov vaccinations to control the population, or talks about Jew Conspiracies. You may as well reveal all the tabloid weird sh!t also believe.

    Im not the paranoid type who accuses fellow men who have been posting here for years, as being a woman or paid disruptor. These other two guys may not know me but youve been here posting worh me since 2017. I also had accounts here in 2015.

    It finally dawned on me, this place isnt worth visiting anymore… maybe every now and then. But I aint sticking around for this bullcrap to be bullied, called a woman or SJW or whatever FOR TELLING ALL YOU JEWSPIRACISTs who retarded you are.

    Its a shame there arent more men backing me up… but thats just it! This place is a sh!thole… its been like that for well over a year now. Oh well…. but if im honest, the bullying and MENTAL ILLNESS has been a problem since day 1. Ive had my bully moments but I always apooogized! I tried to make amends with men here.

    For those of you that are mentally ill, I hope you get help. (Not you Monk).. I kniw Monk is sane, hes just a hardass. Dont apprecuate the below the belt stuff…

    whatever, Im not near my laptop. Cant post much since imnout of town. BTW, Im not a desk jockey office worker. I fix and sell motorcycles. Its the offseason, and even when its in season, im a very small enterprise. Im about as normal as a guy that youd ever hope to meet. A little angry sometimes, but also sensitive and approachable, rational and friendly.

Viewing 101 post (of 101 total)

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