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    But yes, that chick would be a nightmare to deal with

    It’s like. Could you imagine what happens when she sees her husband’s internet history and needs to have a talk with him

    “I need to talk about a few things right now” (as her husband tries to defend himself – she interrupts) “Your history shows that you have searched for and viewed, Brazzers, MoFos and Evil Angel Productions sites. Violating our implied terms and conditions that you only view my pussy. Now, this has occurred at numerous points from mid March to present. I want to clarify that 34% of the scenes involve facials and what appears to be rough sex. You have also searched terms including Meghan McCain, Bristol Palin and Hope Hicks. Validating my concerns that I’m not the only tradcon pumpkin that you are into. No, stop. . . You are going to let me speak. Effective immediately, I am issuing a cease and desist on use of my pussy for the next 30 days as punishment for your sins. And will be reviewing further internet history and information regarding your private jerk off sessions before deciding how to handle this. That is all for now.”

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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