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    I have been following this guy for 2 months now.
    The best to me.

    His speech is articulate.
    Good vibe. Good voice. Warm Laugh.
    Sounds like a friend to me.
    Not that many MGTOWs with real men voices on Youtube (Howard Dare is).
    BTW, your tone says a lot. I cannot stand MGTOW 101 for that reason.

    This man took s~~~ !

    Thus, with all due respect, I do not understand the critics about him being not an “appropriate” MGTOW but you are free to do so of course ;=)

    I would not fight this guy and I am not a pussy.
    He is 6.6″ and around 250-260 lbs. A bit of fat but most of it is muscle.
    I am not a muscle maniac with a 6% fat tolerance at best (though i tried !) ? Not manly to me.
    Was a marine.
    He drinks a bit and also smoke a bit.
    So what ?????
    He does show his face, do we risk the same way ?
    He does not prepare but can make a good speech while driving.

    He is a f~~~ing Gorean, the only true MGTOW to me… or let’s say “MGTOW Plus”
    He commands respect.

    But just my impression.
    Who knows.

    He does not prepare? what exactly are you talking about?


    The only signs of him being fat is, as you pointed out, his man boobs. That could be from being fat, or could be from the estrogen chemicals and other chemicals found in EVERYTHING.

    Well, when you stop bodybuilding, some large muscles like pectorals can fall down a bit and transform into fat.
    I have large ones and have to keep them in place ;=)

    Muscles don’t “transform” into fat. That’s not how that works.

    dropped the f bomb
    "Women have nothing to offer to the modern man or to society. In order to even get them to work we've had to establish hundreds of regulations just so the wimmenz could feel "safe". They're cost inefficient, have poor work morale, and after 10 years of working they tend to discover that working sucks and they wanted kids anyway and there goes all that publicly funded education. Thrown right out of the window. In the meantime, they complain that air conditioning or glaciers are sexist, make the modern corporate environment a fucking landmine of false sexual harassment charges, and politically advocate for quotas and preferential treatment, which companies follow along all too happily."


    I tried watching a couple of his videos but punted after the first couple minutes. But after reading some of the posts here, I’m going to give him another chance, I think maybe I bailed too early. Thanks for the info everyone.


    voice – check.
    visuals – check
    living in a mobile truck – check
    smokin cigar and cooking steak on grill – check.

    i think he digs into mgtow a bit much, overuse of a label.
    Cool dude, would listen some more, but i seldom eat red pills off youtube any more.

    gets my approval though.

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    Thread update:

    Big John – “MGTOW is Freedom” Video archive – all of his 416 videos available!

    Some months ago, epic MGTOW video producer “Big John” had his channel “MGTOW is Freedom” shut down and removed from YouTube.

    A great loss for our brotherhood!

    But, this morning, I found a download repository on the Internet with all of his 416 videos on it.

    The archive offers both .mp4 and .ogv (ogg) video formats for download and viewing.

    Here is the link to the Archive.org “MGTOW is Freedom” site:


    Here is the overview of his content:


    Here is the direct FTP directory:


    Enjoy and spread the message!

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